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Living Mannequin[edit]

Physical Description[edit]

Living Mannequins are human-sized dolls made of wood, plastic, metal, or porcelain that are controlled by spirits or ghosts who, for whatever reason, cannot leave the mortal plane and continue into their respective afterlife. Reasons for this could range from having unfinished business, being under a curse, making a pact with a magic being, god or demon, or having suffered a particularly cruel or violent death. The spirit could have been any intelligent creature with a soul in their past life. Mannequins are also known to occasionally become possessed by magical items the the mannequin will wear or wield. If this magical item were to leave their possession the Mannequin would become lifeless.

Mannequin Names[edit]

This could range to anything you want. If the ghost possessing the vessel was an elf for example, they would likely have an elvish name. It could also be possible that the spirit cannot remember much of their past life and simply gave themselves a new name. Magical items typically do not understand mortal naming conventions and would commonly give themselves rather grant names with title, or the far opposite, very bland first names with nothing else. The world is your oyster here.

Mannequin Traits[edit]

Ability Score Increase. As a mannequin you have +2 constitution and +1 wisdom for being dead
Age. Any
Alignment. Mannequin alignments can be any you choose. Most likely how the spirit leaned in their past life.
Size. Medium
Speed. Your base walking speed is 30 feet.
Darkvision. You can see in dim light within 60 feet of you as if it were bright light, and in darkness as if it were dim light. You can't discern color in darkness, only shades of gray.
Inanimate. You are not a living creature and as such do not need to eat, however your mind does get tired and you still require sleep.
Languages. you can speak common and one other language of your choosing

Wooden Mannequin Type[edit]

You are inhabiting a Mannequin made of wood whether chiseled out professionally or a fresh tree wood perhaps with natural moss or growth still on it Carveable. Carved from a material, you are susceptible to scaring / gashes from slashing or piercing damage taken. These do not heal on their own and will require woodworking and medical skills to fix.
One with Nature. Having come from nature itself you are more in tune with forests. Choose to gain either nature or survival skill if not already taken.
Kindling Spirits. Treants will recognize you as their own and not be openly hostile, although they will view you as lesser or damage because you have been carved from a tree.

Porcelain Mannequin Type[edit]

You are a Mannequin made from Porcelain crafted by a master in the craft and fired in a large kiln. Fleshless. With out flesh you are immune to poisons and diseases.
Brittle. Hard and brittle, your body is vulnerable to Bludgeoning damage.After a certain Threshold(DM's discretion)you can crack or shatter, requiring replacement parts.
Once Fired. You are resistant to fire damage.

Plastic Mannequin Type[edit]

You are a Mannequin made from Plastic, particularly durable to natural forms of wear and tear. Fleshless. With out flesh you are immune to poisons and diseases.
Durable. Hard plastics made to last are designed to withstand heavy impacts. Resistant to bludgeoning Damage.
Melting Point. Vulnerable to Fire damage. After a threshold of fire damage has been taken (DM's discretion)you began to melt and the damage is permanent.

Metal Mannequin Type[edit]

You are a Mannequin made from Metal, steel or iron forged into a humanoid form and given life. Fleshless. With out flesh you are immune to poisons and diseases.
Hard Metal. Metals forged are tough and durable. Increase your AC by 1.
Some grease required. After a threshold of cold damage has been taken (DM's discretion)you began to rust, incurring an initiative and movement speed penalty (DM's discretion) and will require grease for your joints to move be able to move freely. If left unaddressed these penalties can be permanent.
Clanking. Metal is not a quiet material, it clanks together. You have disadvantage on stealth checks

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