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Lightning Splitter: This weapon is a +5 Energy Resistant Dragon Scale GreatAxe with Chain Lightning. this Axe is Constructed from the large Azure Blue scales found on a Blue dragons tail and the handle is warped in fur as the end is caped in sliver with a shard of ember mounted with in the silver, Lightning Splitter can unleash lightning attacks that jump from foe to foe as well as absorb the same type of energy attacks.

The Lightning Splitter can absorb the first 10 damage of one lightning attack per round, and has a similar ability to chain lightning (this ability is treated as a full round action), and is treated as such with the exception of the fallowing. The damage dealt to the primary target is 3d8 and every hit after that does 1d8 as it jumps to different targets with a maximum of 3 secondary targets total. after the primary target is hit by the large bolt of lightning it then splits off into 3 smaller bolts as they careen into the secondary targets. This attack is usable once for every damage die of a spell with the electric subtype that was resisted or partly resisted by this weapon

This weapon is an artifact that must be quested for in order to obtain it.


The Lightning Splitter was said to be made by a legendary blacksmith who was said to have made this weapon for a group of weapons masters who consisted of 7 experts in their specific weapons. this was said to have been made for a Half-orc Barbarian who had lost his ancestral greataxe in a fight with an adult Blue Dragon. The Half-orc had regained his family honor by wielding Lightning Splitter, after his death the axe was said to have traveled through many hands appearing all across the continent.

It is said that there are a few blacksmiths who have had the privilege to have examined the Weapon and understand it to the point of recreation. though few and far between there are stories of blacksmiths who were apprentices of those original smiths and have inherited the making of the Scythe themselves.

CL ; ; Market Price: 10

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