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History This element of Genasi hails from another plane of existence, leaked into this one by a tear in the multiverse. The plane known as Skylands is a magical world of floating islands and magnificent beasts. While your plane has four primary elements (fire, water, earth and air), Skylands has an additional six elements to this (life, undeath, tech, magic, light and dark). This Genasi hails from one of these six additional elements.

The Life Genasi hails from the Life element. This element embodies the energy of life and nature, flora and fauna. In terms of your plane, it represents all that is natural in magic and nature. This energy can be seen as the primary source of Druidism.

Physical Description Life Genasi embody nature through their appearance. They generally have green or brown skin, bark or stem like in texture, reminiscent of a dryad. Hair can vary by the colours of leaves, from dark green, to light green, to yellow, to amber, to red, to brown, with leaves and/or vines poking out in different places. Eyes are bright green with natural energy. Ability Score Increase. Your Constitution score increases by 1.

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