Life-Stealing Gloves (3.5e Equipment)

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Life-Stealing Gloves[edit]

Price: 6,250 gp

Body Slot: Gloves

Activation: Passive

A lavender set of fine, silken, gloves with fine divinitite thread and a small smooth oval cut gem placed on the back

These gloves look to be standard issue for any noble lord/lady. Upon touching a target for any reason (Ex. holding hands, successfull Unarmed Strike, grappling, carrying) drain 2HP per round from the person begin touched and transfer it to the person wearing the gloves. The target needs to either be alive, or have been alive at some point in time for the gloves ability to trigger. Targets that are animated by magical means, such as creatures that have the type or subtype of Construct, are immune to this items effect. Targets that have the type or subtype Undead will revers the effect and drain health from the wearer and transfer it to the target. If wearer is of type or subtype of Construct, the glove will not work. Prereqs: Craft Wondrous Item

Cost to Create: 250 gp, 500 XP, 1 day, Bone from a non-slain Vampire, Small oval cut gem no larger than a marble

Worn by: Elizibeth Greenwell

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