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Level Advancement[edit]

This variant rule makes it much harder to gain levels than in a usual game. This is so that characters can't level up every 3 encounters making the game more rewarding and longer. This also allows players to gain some of the lower levels at a faster speed so they don't feel like it's hopeless. For leveling up please use this table instead of the usual one.

Level Experience
1st 0 -- 2,000
2nd 2,001 -- 4,000
3rd 4,001 -- 8,000
4th 8,001 -- 18,000
5th 18,001 -- 35,000
6th 35,001 -- 70,000
7th 70,001 -- 125,000
8th 125,001 -- 250,000
9th 250,001 -- 500,000
10th 500,001 -- 750,000
11th 750,001 -- 1,000,000

250,000 experience points per level for each additional level beyond the 11th.

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