Lesser Deity in Human Form (5e Race)

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Lesser Deity[edit]

Physical Description[edit]

Lesser Dieties in human form look like a regular human, medium build and everything. They might have minor differences in their appearance, but usually just look like a normal human.


Lesser dieties that are most likely servants of a greater god/goddess are sent down to have some sort of mission. Perhaps your lesser deity is actually coming down to observe human life, see how your little creations are coming along.


They will live anywhere they wish to place themselves.

Lesser Deity Names[edit]

Male: Any lesser deity male from the Forgotten Realms.

Female: Any lesser deity female from the Forgotten Realms.

Lesser Deity Traits[edit]

| Ability Score: Just as a human you add 1 to each ability.

| Luck of the Gods: When creating your god, if you roll lower than a 10, you may have one more reroll. This also applies to ability checks/saves.

| Lucky Ability Score: Any ability score of your choosing goes up by 2.

| Dark Vision: You have superb Dark vision despite living in a human’s body, you can see 100ft in the pitch black in dull color.

| Age: Matures at the same rate as humans, but can live as long as they please. They can make themselves look as young or as old as they wish.

| Age Morphing: You innately know True Polymorph and may use it anytime.

| Alignment: Their alignment will be that of the dieties they are.

| Size: Humans vary widely in height and build, from barely 5 feet to well over 6 feet tall. Your size is Medium.

| Speed: Your base walking speed is <35> feet. However, you automatically know animal shapes, meaning you can fly if you wish.

| Without a Trace: You leave no footprints when you walk, you also make no noise when walking, you automatically know Pass Without a Trace and you have Advantage rolls on stealth.

| Resitence: You have resistance to heat, cold, and neurotic damage

| Languages: You can speak, read, and write Celestial and you know bits a pieces of Sylvan, Abyssal.

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