Legendary Blacksmith Pagma (Swordmanship) (5e Feat)

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Legendary Blacksmith Pagma Swordmanship

Prerequisites: Legendary Blacksmith Pagma feat
Pagma, also known as the Legendary Blacksmith Pagma, was a Legend. He was a Great Swordsman, the 1st Legendary Blacksmith, and Baal's Contractor. He was the strongest Swordsman after Sword Saint Muller and the Undefeated King Madra. In his later years, he became Baal's Contractor to defend humanity from the Great Demons.

  Pagma was a great swordsman. You gain the following benefits: 
  • You learn the following techniques:
    • Link When you hit a melee attack with a sword, you start a combo attack dealing damage to same creature a numer of times equal to half you proficience bonus. Reroll the attack everytime you attemp to hit. You can only use this feature 2 times per combat.
    • Wave With your next attack comes out a wave of energy hitting all enemies on a range of 60ft of you, doing half the damage of your sword but slowing them a 50% of their speed if they dont be succesfull on a Dexterity saving throw of your spell DC.
    • Kill When you take the Attack action to make an attack with a sword, you can use your bonus action (or one of your attacks, if you have the Extra Attack class feature) to attemp to hit a creature add an aditional damage of double your score while doing the attack. If you hit a critical while using this, you can instead choose to do all damage. This skill can only be used 2 per combat.
    • Trascend During the next turn, all your melee attacks can be done with a range of 60ft, all your sword attacks become slashes of energy agaisnt your enemies. This technique can only be used during 1 time per combat.

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