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Lapinians are proud of their heritage and their family bonds.

The lapinian people are normally very peaceful and docile and hate unneeded violence. This doesn't, however, mean that they are incapable of defending themselves or others if they feel threatened.

Lapinians enjoy sitting in their warrens and working on their crafts, or farming on the surface above their homes. When they are not working or patrolling, lapinians love to have a good time. They enjoy telling stories, jokes, and riddles, and even playing slight tricks on one another. They also enjoy sports and various other challenges of the body and mind.

Physical Description[edit]

For average height it varies but the average male height is about 5'8" with another six to twelve inches more with their ears. The females are about 5'2" with the same ear length. lapinians normally weigh anywhere from 125 pounds to 200 lbs. they have a wide variety of fur colors depending on where they live but the most common are shades of brown, gray and black. Occasionally you will see tan, white and even spotted ones. They normally have brown or amber colored eyes that are very similar to a humans. All lapinians have elongated feet which helps them run; they stand comfortably on the tips of their feet, which adds to their height. They have either puffy little tails, or small furry little tails which they normally hide beneath their clothes. Their ears are able to swivel 180 degrees to help hear in all around them. They are also able to bend their ears to signal to one another in a language all their own.


Due to their friendly disposition, humans and halflings find them good company and frequently trade with them; the lapinians often offer food and shelter for goods. Gnomes and lapinians get along well enough as they play their tricks, but when the lapins are in the mood to work they find their gnomish guests' tricks to be tiring. Lapinians respect dwarven skills and crafts on the rare occasions that the two races do mingle, but the lapinians find the dwarvish habit of spending so much time deep underground a bit curious. Lapinians treat half orcs, and any other race known to be violent or eat other sentient races, with some concern and distrust. However, lapinians will never attack first without just cause (at least in their eyes).


Lapinians as individuals can have a wide range of alignments. Lapinians found in a warren community are normally lawful neutral, favoring peace and order while adventuring lapinians tend to be chaotic neutral or chaotic good.


Lapinian communities can be nomadic, live in permanent residence, or live a mix of the two. They are most commonly found in large plains and forest. Lapinians that live in these environments normally have permanent settlements that they live in and farm the areas above. When living in the desert or the tundra, they are more nomadic with only small warrens to raise children till they are old enough to travel with the rest of the clan, or to house the elderly and wounded that can not travel. Those warrens always have a group of warriors to guard them from attacks. It is very rare that a clan of lapinians will be found in a swamp, deep under ground or in the mountains.


The lapinians worship a small pantheon of three deities. The Mother is the goddess of females, peace, farming and nature; she is the one that gives their druids magic and it is mainly female lapinians and druids that worship her. Another deity is The Father who is the mate to the Mother. He personifies protection, defense and male lapinians. His main worshipers are male lapinians and rangers. There is one more deity, a dark deity that takes on the form of massive dire animals, and other monsters that hunt lapinians. He has control over violent death, disease, war, bloodshed and predators. Only evil lapinians that have gone insane or become banished from their warren worship this dark god.


Lapinians normally speak in their own language when speaking to others of their kind. Their language is made of words, hand gestures, body language and signals from their ears. They have no written form of their language so they write in common if need be. Typically though, they pass their teachings and history by word of mouth.


When it comes to names, the parents wait for up to a week before naming their children. A lapinian's name is somehow related to their nature and some trait that they show. This is followed by their clan name which describes their home. An example of this would be a female lapinian named moonear of the cool stream clan. When a lapinian has done something special to distinguished themselves from the warren they get a second name between their birth name and clan name, in example "lightningfoot strong paw of the giant hill tribe, but, when they travel and mingle with various different cultures and people, it is common for lapinians to garner nicknames from their friends.

Racial Traits[edit]

  • +4 Dexterity, +2 Wisdom, +2 charisma, -2 Strength. Lapinians are extremely quick and agile, having to avoid predators and quickly travel through their warrens. The fur of a lapinian is normally soft and silky smooth, adding to their attractiveness. Because they are continually hunted by various races, they have grown wise to better help them plan out safe areas for them to set up their warrens.
  • humanoid
  • medium size
  • speel 40 feet; burrow speed of 15 feet
  • +4 to listen and jump checks
  • Low Light Vision (Ex)
  • Darkvision 40 feet
  • Burrow Dweller: Due to their sensitive ears and life growing up in their underground communities, they gain the Blind Fight feat for free at character creation, even if they do not meet the requirements for it.
  • Powerful Legs: All lapinians have large powerful legs that they use in combat. These give them improved unarmed strike at first level.
  • Natural Weapons: Two kick attacks that deal 1d6 of bludgeoning damage with a critical of x3.
  • Wanderlust: As they reach the age of maturity (old enough to go adventuring) lapinians often began to experience urges to leave the safety of the warren seek adventure of any kind. This condition can last for two years or longer; it is not uncommon for a lapinian to have wanderlust their entire lives and never return home for much longer than a visit. A lapinian may try to suppress this urge for 24 hours by making a DC 12 Will saving throw. If they make the save, the DC for the next day increases by two, rising daily with each success until the lapinian fails the save.
  • Automatic Languages: common, lapinian, and sylvan. Bonus Languages: halfling, elf, gnome, orc, terran, goblin and gnoll.
  • Favored Class: Ranger or druid.
  • Level Adjustment: +1

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