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The Lands of Amber is a campaign setting I had first made back when I had first purchased a D&D book. The moment I finished reading through the rules of being a DM, the first thing I did was grab some graph paper and make a map of a single dungeon with a basic backstory, and from there, it would grow into a full setting that I have spent the past four years developing.

The Lands of Amber recieve their name from the emphasis of amber in the lives of the people. Amber is seen as the ultimate source of creation, as the earliest historical records were recorded on slabs of the stuff with the ancient people praising massive trees that they would harvest it from. The substance would later be used as spell focuses, holy symbols, high end decorations, and in historical relics.

The Lands of Amber is a renaissance era setting with low magic themes. The world is broken up into several large continents, each housing several kingdoms of the common races. Kingdoms are constantly at war with one another for control of the land, with each group of kingdoms united under a loose confederacy run by representatives of each kingdom with a single person being named the emperor. The kingdoms of man are many, and are constantly at each other's throats, trying to usurp the title of emperor. The Elves make up the oldest kingdoms, but are few in number due to a combination of human conquest and political conflict with the dwarves. The dwarves only have a single kingdom spread across two smaller continents that have been reduced to a vast desert with the scattered remains of dwarven civilization being forced into huge cities of brass and stone.

Arcane magic in the Lands of Amber has slowly begun to fall out of practice due to the time and resources needed to become a practitioner of magic and the danger that comes with it. In its place, the art of Alkermancy, or "World Magic" has become much more widely practiced and appreciated. Alkermancy is similar to a mixture of biology, chemistry, and physics in the real world. With alkermancy, cheap medicine, better housing, more plentiful harvests, and other benefits have become cheaper and easier for people to obtain than through arcane magic.


The Cosmology of the setting is based on finite planets and moons orbiting the sun. Knowledge of how and why the planets behave the way they do is limited to the people of the kingdoms, but many theories have been made by scholars, such as the universe being a huge machine of sorts with the planets serving as cogs keeping a massive source of power, the sun, active. Each planet can be visited through magical means, and serve the same purpose as planes of existence. The main planets are:

Ambrosia, The Material Plane: The main plane any campaign in this setting takes place on. This world offers conditions identical to Earth and is home to all of the races in the PHB and many different animals and monsters. No special conditions or items are needed to survive here.

The Plane of Plasma: The home of fire elementals is a vast expanse of volcanic terrain with no water, ceaseless lightning storms, a toxic atmosphere that smells of sulfur, and slightly higher than normal gravity. This plane is comparable to Venus in our solar system and requires special equipment to survive here. Adventurers will need Flame resistant gear a source of clean air to be able to explore here.

The Plane of Water: The home of water elementals is a cold and dark world with a huge sheet of ice making up the surface with vast oceans underneath. Adventurers face extreme cold, no atmosphere, and low gravity if they choose to venture here, and must be prepared to face these conditions. This plane draws parallels to both Titan, the largest moon of Saturn, and our own moon.

The Plane of Earth: The home of earth elementals is a vast and empty plane full of craters, mountains, and dust storms. There is a very thin atmosphere here and gravity only half as strong as it is on the material plane. This, combined with violent dust storms that can reach lethal levels of destructive capabilities. Surviving here requires portable sources of air and specialized gear designed to withstand the harsh climate. This plane is similar to Mars in the real world.

The Plane of Air: The home of air elementals is vast sky filled with violent storms with no solid ground to speak of. Those who venture here face falling into the plane and being crushed to death by the intense pressure of the atmosphere, which is toxic to visitors and smells like a mixture of cyanide and arsenic. To survive here, adventurers need special gear designed to withstand immense pressure and prevent them from falling to their deaths. This plane is comparable to Jupiter.


Gods constantly come and go in this setting. Most Gods were once mortals that reached such incredible levels of power, that they transended mortality. Despite this, they are capable of being killed, and many have been before, usually by the God or Gods that would succeed them.

The current gods who offer powers to clerics and paladins are:

Baramos: The Lawful Good God of Valor and Justice. His servants go out into the world to find those who would escape justice in the name of good. Domains are Light and War. His holy symbol is a silver shield with long sword crest made of amber.

Elysia: The Nuetral Good Goddess of Health, Love, and Goodwill. Her servants often spend their time taking care of the sick and injured, and their churches serve as safe havens for anyone and everyone. Domains are Life and Nature. Her holy symbol is a hearth with amber flames.

Pendra: The Chaotic Good Goddess of Celebration and Retribution. Her servants spend their time writing stories, singing, and celebrating, but take the time to protect the people from corruption and tyrany. Domains are Light and Life. Her holy symbol is a comedy mask with amber eyes.

Murtes: The Lawful Nuetral Goddess of Death and Order. Her servants hunt down those who would cheat death or defile the dead and banish them from this world. Domains are Light and Nature. Her holy symbol is a skull with roses made of amber sprouting from the eyes.

Priad: The True Nuetral God of Secrets and the Forbidden. His servants go out into the world seeking out ancient and forgotten lore to keep it safe from those who would use it for evil purposes. Domains are Trickery and Knowledge. His holy symbol is a barn owl with its wings expanded and amber eyes.

Indris: The Chaotic Nuetral Goddess of Debauchery and Beasts. Her servant seek new thrills in the world, even if it means endangering their lives. Her domains are Trickery and Nature. Her holy symnbol is a beast head with amber eyes and fangs.

Demur: The Lawful Evil God of Schemes and Corruption. His servants plot to create what they see as the greatest possible society by taking away the freedom of everyone, and create an Orwellian super state. His domains are Trickery and War. His holy symbol is a gauntlet with and amber eye in the palm.

Mercer: The Nuetral Evil Goddess of Greed and Envy. Her servants are constantly at eachothers throats to gain as much power and money they can obtain. Her domains are Knowledge and Death. Her holy symbol is a crown with amber jewels.

Germedran: The Chaotic Evil God of Wrath and Destruction. Her servants rarely ever gather and mostly attack unprotected settlements for the thrill of slaughter. His domains are Death and War. His holy symbol is a map of the world in amber flames.


The world of Ambrosia is divided into several large continents each divided themselves into kingdoms under the control of vassals who all answer to a single Emperor.

The lands that make up the kingdoms of men are made up of two continents mostly made up of open plains, hills, and mixed forests. The two continents are seperated by large river with a sea in the center of the division line. This sea contains a large island called the "Eye of the World." Here is effectively the center of the world, where the emperor resides in the largest and most densly populated city in the world, where trade and study are the most prominent features in the city.

The kingdoms of elves have been reduced to a few political groups under the control of a human vassal. The Etian Isle, or Elven Isle, is primarily tropical forests and low mountain ranges and is less organized in stucture and is the least populated of the kingdoms. This land is under constant threat of invasion from both man and dwarves, as men desire the Isle's abundant source of mithral while the dwarves wish to go to war over the destruction of their lands.

The kingdoms of dwarves have been reduced to nothing but empty deserts, mountains, and tundras after the elves defeated them in war with powerful magical weapons that destroyed all life in their way. The land is riddled with craters from where these weapons landed and any wild life is nothing but the occasional shrub and desert dwelling monster. Because of these acts, the dwarves have formed a group of specialy trained rangers who target spell casters called "Magidon," or "Magekillers." They have gone on to form an embassy in the southern most kingdom of man known as "Gormkat" or "Stonekeep." The dwarves have recently used Alchemancy to develop large flying cities and warships.

To the south is a vast unsettled frozen wasteland, home to white and platinum dragons and other ice dwelling monsters. With no known resources and hostile climate, none of the kingdoms are interested in expanding here.

To the north is a large island known as Brashia, the abandoned home, is the birth place of all sentient life. This place was abandoned after the emergence and failure to deal with demons and devils. These creatures reduced the land to a vast sereies of ruins and fallen civilizations. Time flows oddly here, and any remaining people here have been alive since the island has been abandoned, having never aged. Deep in the ruins is said to be the graves of Artemis, the Father of Man, and his sons and servants. People have spent their whole lives searching for these graves to learn the true fate of the once legendary king and his kingdom.


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