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Lance of Longinus: This is a +10 Colossal two-handed Martial Polearm designed for killing gods. As a free action once per round, the wielder can shift it into one of 3 forms as described on Table:Lance of Longinus and it will behave as that form.

The Lance of Longinus has abnormal proficiency due to its transformative abilities. If the wielder has proficiency with a thrown polearm for its Spear form, any Martial polearm for its Bident form, or a Double Weapon for its Dual-Ended Bident form, the wielder is counted proficient with that form. The feat Exotic Weapon Proficiency:Lance of Longinus means that the wielder is proficient with the Lance.

A proficient wielder gains the following:

If the wielder takes a Ready Action to set the Lance against a charge, it does double damage.

When the Lance is in its Bident or Double-ended Bident forms, it grants a +2 bonus on Disarm attempts (including the roll to avoid being disarmed if the attempt fails). Using the Lance of Longinus for a Disarm attempt does not provoke an Attack of Opportunity.

Special Qualities

The Lance has the following special qualities:

Anytime a character attempts to hold the Lance, they must succeed on a DC 40 Will save. If they fail, they take 3d6 damage and must succeed on a DC 25 Fortitude save or be instantly killed. If they fail by 15 points or more, they will take 4d6 damage instead, and the save DC increases to 35.

The owner of the Lance of Longinus has a 35% failure rate when trying to use Divine spells. In addition, the owner's Arcane Spell Failure Rate is increased by 15%.

In its "Spear" form, the Lance is designed to be thrown, and seems to act on its own to hone in on targets. It can be thrown over a number of Range Increments equal to 5 plus the thrower's Strength modifier. For Attack Roll adjustment purposes, discount a number of Range Increments equal to the thrower's Strength modifier. The Lance can also be thrown at a target above the thrower, including a target orbiting the planet, without any additional penalty. The thrower must have line of sight to a target to attack it, and at long distances the curvature of the planet may come into play. If the Lance is thrown, it will not automatically return to its thrower but will remain where it lands; if it is thrown into space, it will remain in orbit instead.

If the Lance in its "Spear" form is thrown at a creature and the attack roll is successful, the creature must succeed on a Fortitude save or be instantly killed. The DC is equal to 20 plus the thrower's Strength modifier.

If the Lance is in its Dual-ended Bident form, the wielder can fight with both ends, incurring all the penalties of two-weapon fighting, just as if the wielder were wielding a one-handed weapon and a light weapon.

If an enemy tries to use magic or any Supernatural ability, the wielder of the Lance can make an Attack of Opportunity against them, transforming the Lance into its spear form and throwing it. Besides doing damage, this will prevent the magic or ability from being used.

The Lance ignores all Damage Reduction. It always inflicts Lethal Damage.

The Lance has a powerful dispelling field around its blades. The radius of this field is negligible outside the blades of the Lance. This means that any magic that comes in contact with the Lance's blades is instantly dispelled and that it will punch right through magical defenses of any kind.

If the Lance is successfully used to attack anything capable of using spells, psionic powers, or Supernatural abilities, the target immediately runs out of uses per day.

If the Lance is used to attack something with Magic, Divine, Psionic, or other Supernatural bonuses to Armor Class, ignore these bonuses for the duration of the attack roll.

The Lance can hit objects on the Ethereal Plane normally. The Lance negates magic-based miss chances.

If the Lance comes in contact with an Undead creature, the Undead creature will be instantly destroyed.

The Lance can be used to make Touch attacks. If it is used for a Touch attack, it deals 4d6 points of damage. A natural 20 on this touch attack simply means an automatic hit.

If the Lance is successfully used to attack a deity, it will take drastic effects. The deity's Divine Rank, any Divine Feats, its Divine bonus to Armor Class, its use of its Domain powers, any Supernatural abilities it may have, and any other Divine powers it may have, including its abilities to take 10 or 20 on any check, are disabled for 2d4 days. In addition, if the previously mentioned effects were not already in effect, the deity is Knocked Down, and for 2d6 rounds, it is Sickened, is rendered unable to use Extraordinary Abilities, has its Skill bonuses cut by half, suffers a penalty to Armor Class equal to its normal Divine bonus to Armor Class, and gains a number of Negative Levels equal to its normal Divine Rank. These effects are withdrawal symptoms from the loss of deific power.

Any living creature reduced to 0 HP by the Lance of Longinus must make a DC 50 Will save. If it fails, the creature's body will be reduced to an orange liquid that is similar to blood and its soul will be separated from its body. If it rolls below 30, then its soul will be instantly destroyed. If a creature is reduced to -1 HP or lower by the Lance, it must roll a similar Will save, although the DC to avoid liquefaction is increased by 5 and the DC to avoid soul destruction is increased by 3 for each hit point below zero it is reduced to. This applies even if it is reduced below -10 HP.

The Lance of Longinus cannot be destroyed, except with a natural 20 after killing a being with power comparable to that of a god.

;  CL <!-Caster level for spell-like effects, usually between 18 and 20-->;
Table: Lance of Longinus[edit]
Form Dmg Critical Range Increment Type
Unarmed Attacks
Spear 8d8 19-20/×3 5 miles Piercing
Bident 8d8 18-20/×4 Slashing and Bludgeoning, or Piercing
Dual-ended Bident 8d8/8d8 ×3/×3 Slashing and Bludgeoning, or Piercing

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