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Greater Deity
Symbol: Golden Scales
Home Plane: None
Alignment: Lawful Good
Portfolio: Wisdom, Good, Protection, Justice
Clergy Alignments: Lawful Good, Neutral Good, Lawful Neutral
Domains: N/A
Favored Weapon: Warhammer
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Kolec was set as the keeper of wisdom and virtue, and has directly opposed anyone who means to do ill to the newly created world. This puts him in direct contention with Lask. In addition Kolec has always sought to stop Meeric from his deceptive ways. Many people of Cora look up to Kolec as a symbol of justice and protection. Kolec is the most honored deity among the people of the Empire and most cities have a temple in his honor. They are well cared for, and open for anyone who is in need of assistance.


Kolec asks his followers to protect the weak, seek out justice in all situations, and find the good in every situation. He is protective in nature and unassuming in nature and those who claim to follow him should exude these same characteristics.

Vestige - The Silent Judge[edit]

Vestige Level: 3rd
Binding DC: 20
Special Requirement: Yes

Special Requirement: Kolec is concerned with the well-being of others, because of this you cannot bind him or summon him while you are bound to Lask or Meeric.

Manifestation: Kolec manifests as an elderly humanoid wearing navy blue pants and a dress shirt. Each have gold stripes down the side. Save for his remarkably good looks despite his age, there is nothing abnormal about Kolec. In his right hand he holds a set of scales, and a warhammer is strapped securely to his golden belt.


Influence: Kolec influences you to help anyone you see that needs protection. He requires that you judge evenly and fairly, and ask that others do the same.

Granted Abilities: Kolec grants you abilities of protection.

Tough: You gain DR 1/- and an additional +1/- for every 3 effective binder levels.

Armor & Shield Proficiency: You are proficient with medium armors, and all shields, including tower shields.

Planar Attunement: You ignore the harmful effects of planes you travel to.

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