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[[Image:Flag-HERE.svg|thumb|400px|right|Flag of HERE.]]


Mildly Vile

Worm Eater has rebuilt the Pyramid of Skulls. Worm eater is at war with the Voice of Corruption for control of this region.


Name: Koetel
Planar Size: Medium Country
Influences: None
Ruling Organization: None
Government Type: Theocracy
Other Organizations: None
Capital: Goginan
Languages: Common
Religion: Charysan, Shadow Lance
Patron Deity: None
Resources: Sea, Agriculture, Forbidden Artifacts
Important Locations:



The history of this land is bound up with the Pyramid of Skulls. This device existed before anyone lived here. Even that ancients did not know who built it. The Pyramid is a powerful device, having been used by a number of different sorcerers and priests. The effects and powers of this pyramid have changed with every powers who has controlled it. Those who controlled it tell that its secrets are fathomable, but infinite. "No mortal can ever know all its secrets."


A wizard of this ancient kingdom used the pyramid to raise an army of the dead, allying with the Shadow Lance against the world. The battle to capture the Pyramid is the stuff of legend. The victors covered this pyramid in tons of dirt and vicious plants.


The pyramid was forgotten during imperial days. The land became a stable province of the Griffon Empire, noteworthy for nothing in particular, except ghost stories.


When the empire collapsed, this land drifted quickly into darkness, as if it knew some power were gone. Those who remembered the pyramid came back to find it, and take it. This land crumbled into a vicious civil war, with Worm Eater taking the day. He now seeks the pyramid, but somehow it eludes him.

Planar Information[edit]

To the northeast is Jura City and the Hadean mountains. To the west is the land of Wolcnum. The land has a long shoreline on the Savage Sea.


This land has no operable gates. The civil war has destroyed all operable gates in this land, although the gate stones may still exist. This plane only had minor gates, unlike the great gate stones of the major cities.


The climate and terrain are temperate. The land is somewhat Mediterranean along the shore, but quickly transitions to temperate inland.


The land is dominated by domestic creates, both living and dead. The dead have a disturbing habit of rising from the grave, in one form or another. The populace now live in terror of the land around them.

Politics and People[edit]

Worm Eater claims to be the supreme ruler of this land. In truth, he maintains a precarious hold on the land. He desperately needs to find the Pryamid of Skulls to solidify his rule. His various rivals, the ones that he knows of, have been defeated. He is paranoid about those he can not find. He keeps his spies continuously searching for any enemies, assuming that his spies are loyal to him.


The government is an unstable dictatorship.


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Major Landmarks[edit]


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Adventure Hooks[edit]

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