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Physical Description

Kitsune are foxes of incredibly powerful magic. They have the ability to shape shift into any humanoid form, and can willingly return to their original fox form to make a quick escape if a situation turns sour.

They tend to choose forms of the races they spend the most time around (commonly, humans), and are able to hide or show their tails and ears at will. They may choose the form of another race of the medium size, but their modifiers would stay the same.

As their magic allows them to become any medium sized humanoid, they are also able to create simple clothing when they transform, though they cannot produce armor this way- it will not add or subtract to AC. Some Kitsune are also able to become other less humanoid forms, though it would all be for intimidation and trickery purposes.


Born of a God(commonly referred to as Inari) to be messengers and information seekers, tricksters to amuse the other Gods, and beings to grow into Semi-Gods themselves, this race came to be known as Kitsune. Let loose into the world, many humanoids found these creatures held immense magical power, as well as having a special knack for being nuisances and pests, and began to hunt them for their tails.

Many labeled them as monsters, and- as per nature- the Kitsune would come to resent most other races for their greed, taking to using their powers to hide and live in seclusion from others.

Kitsune are not able to die of old age, and the older they get; the more powerful they become. Those who live long enough to grow all nine of their tails are considered Deities, Gods, or Perfect Beings. Most Kitsune do not live to achieve this level of power, as it takes quite a long time to grow into all their tails.

There are other Kitsune, though it is not common knowledge, who are more of a sub race- corrupted lesser half-breeds. Not much is known about them, besides an innate need to devour souls.


Across the ages, Kitsune have been hunted for the power that is in their tails. They tend to be an endangered race in most settings, and their culture typically exists as small groups and villages in forests. These are normally located in forests and other difficult to find areas.

Many Kitsune who do not wish to live in the forests, become travelers, or find a quiet town among other races to live their lives out. These Kitsune tend to not spread their stories and culture and children of these loners learn very little of their people. Kitsune mothers will always birth a Kitsune, while a father may create more sub and mixed races. (Example: An orc with the ability to cast fox fire.)

Kitsune Names

A Kitsunes' name is based on its fur color. Usually based on the furs base color, like black, brown, or white. But could be based of a bright streak of fur. Names aren't gender exclusive.

Names:Yuki for white fur, Kaede for darker browns and lighter blacks, Kyou for lighter browns or darker whites, and Nobu for black fur

Kitsune Traits

Ability Score Increase. Your Dexterity score increases by 2 and your Charisma increases by 2.
Age. Kitsune mature at age 18 and do not have a set lifespan.
Alignment. Kitsune usually tend to be neutral or chaotic good, though there are Kitsune with any alignment.
Size. Kitsune vary widely in height. In your fox form, you are Small. In your normal form, you are Medium.
Speed. Your base walking speed is 30 feet. In your fox form, your walking speed is 40 feet.
Darkvision. Darkvision
Kitsune Awareness. You have the ability to hear falsehoods for what they are. You know if you hear a creature willingly lie. A creature hidden from divination magic reveals nothing.
Fox Transformation. As an action, you can transform into a small Fox, with fur color the same as your hair color and a number of tails equivalent to yours. This is your true form. In your fox form, your speed increases by 10, your INT, WIS, and DEX increase by 3, and your STR and CON decrease by 3. When transforming to your fox form, all of your equipment falls to the floor. When reverting to your human form, you appear wearing conjured clothing. As a free action, in your human form, you can make your ears and tails appear or disappear to reveal your race. As a free action, in your fox form, you can merge all of your tails into one to appear identical to a normal fox.
Soulbound Tails. Kitsune can only be killed if their tails, which contain their souls, are completely removed from their bodies. If their HP falls to 0, they make death saving throws as normal. Upon a failure, unless the assailant knows that you are a Kitsune and how to kill a Kitsune, you are knocked unconscious for 4 hours or until healed. The number of Kitsune tails align with the level of spell slots the Kitsune has, with a minimum of one. If only one tail is removed, the Kitsune can no longer cast spells of that level. A removed tail takes 25 years to regrow. The time can be sped up if the Kitsune absorbs a large amount of magical power. A kitsune's tail can act as an arcane focus.
Fox Fire. You know the Produce Flame cantrip. Charisma is your spellcasting modifier for it
Fey Nature. Your creature type is for all purposes considered Fey.
Natural Weapons. As a bonus action, you can bite to deal 1d4 piercing damage.
Languages. You can speak, read, and write Common, Sylvan, and one other language of your choice.

Soul Eater Kitsune

Soul Eater Does not inherent Kitsune Awareness.

This race has no ability to grow their own power over time. They need to consume souls to convert the magical energy to their tail(s), and may consume large quantities of magical energy to supplement a tail. Once cut, though, all magical power in these tails are dispersed and the Kitsune must spend time to collect more energy to regain these tails.

Soul Sense. As an action, Soul Eater Kitsune are able to detect the locations of and distinguish between types of souls within 60 feet of them. To distinguish, the owner of the soul must make a WIS saving throw against the Kitsune's spell save DC. Types of souls match the alignments of their owners. Kitsune automatically know if a soul is corrupted. [Evil souls are not considered corrupted- Corruption is an affliction to the soul that, either good or bad, the owner's soul has been changed or twisted in some unnatural way. The soul of a deity can be considered a corrupted soul if the DM so desires.]
Soul Absorption. In order to gain tails, a Soul Eater Kitsune must consume the souls of slain creatures. As such, they do not gain Soul Power from constructs. Soul Power is the level of power gained from souls. Small creatures can give up to 1-5 Soul Power, while medium sized creatures may give 10 or more Soul Power.

The alignments of the souls consumed can affect the damage type of fox fire.

Consuming 50 Good-aligned souls allows you to change fox fire's damage type to Necrotic.

Consuming 50 Evil-aligned souls allows you to change fox fire's damage type to Radiant.

The Soul Eater Kitsune will grow another tail after 50 total souls consumed. The third tail, fourth, and so on will grow after the next 100 Soul Power collected. Consuming souls that are considered corrupted[DM's discretion] will still give it Soul Power, but forces the Kitsune to gain one flaw of the DM's discretion[Typically a trait of said corrupted soul].
Soul Power. The Kitsune has the ability to spend the soul power they have to cast spells, even after they have run out of spell slots. 10 Soul Power can be used to enhance the spell levels as well, including Fox Fire.

The Kitsune must innately know these spells, and, instead of using spell slots, they can expend an entire tail for a spell. A fourth tail will be able to cast a 4th level spell, and the third and second tail may be spent to add levels to this spell, as well. The first tail can spent, but once the Kitsune expends all the power in it's soul, it will suffer Soul Depletion.
Soul Depletion. Once, under what ever circumstances the Kitsune has depleted all magic in their tail, they are unable to stay in human form until one sentient soul is consumed. They are also unable to cast any spells, including cantrips, nor can they speak anything but Sylvan while suffering from Soul Depletion.

Random Height and Weight

4′ 0″ +3d12 90 lb. × (3d10) lb.

*Height = base height + height modifier
**Weight = base weight + (height modifier × weight modifier)

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