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Kishanai, Follower of the Wandering Wind[edit]

You believe you can, so easily, take the wind in your grasp? I think not. I move as I please, with or without your say.

Prerequisite: You must be an Agent of Kishara (Five Towers Supplement)

Kishara, the aspect of wind, is a force trifled with at your peril; she moves seemingly haphazardly with her own decided purpose. She can be the cooling breeze in the stifling heat, the very breath in one's lungs, or the rage of the oncoming storm. She heavily favors secrets and collects them through her agents, the Kishanai, or the "Followers of the Wandering Wind", out of a puckish demeanor that spikes her personality. While frequently composed, Kishara retains a sense of free spirit which is easily seen in the Kishanai, who flow and move with minimal effort, striking in one place and being in another the next.

You as an agent of Kishara are that which moves freely, striking from close or afar whenever you desire, unpredictable and uncontainable.

Kishanai Path Features[edit]

Gusting Step (11th Level):
Whenever you move your maximum speed for your move action, you may shift 2 additional squares, ignoring difficult terrain. You additionally gain the ability to make two saving throws to remove slow, immobilization or restrain effects instead of just one at all times.
Windblade (11th Level):
Upon expending an action point to make an attack your attacks become supernaturally graceful and you take on a lightness to your step allowing you to shift 1 square following your initial attack and make a secondary At-Will attack against that target or another target in reach. Windblade's effect ignores difficult terrain, and triggers regardless of your success or failure on the initial attack.
Fade to Wind (16th Level):
When you are subject to an effect that causes forced movement, your body temporarily fades into a powerful gust of wind, causing you to reduce that forced movement by a maximum of 2. Kishara additionally prevents you from taking falling damage; whenever you would fall, you instead descend slowly from the air at a rate equal to half of your maximum movement speed per round, always landing gracefully without harm. All Lightning and Thunder damage you take is reduced by your Constitution modifier.

Call Down the Sky Kishanai Attack 11
With a snap of your fingers you summon a crack of lightning at the targeted location, which strikes with deafening force, leaving the air lingering with charged ions.
Encounter Star.gif Primal, Thunder
Standard Action Area burst 2 within 20 squares
Target: Each creature in burst
Attack: Wisdom, Intelligence, Strength or Dexterity Vs. Reflex
Hit: 3d6 + Wisdom, Intelligence, Strength or Dexterity damage as Lightning or Thunder
Effect: Each creature caught within the burst of Call Down the Sky is stunned and deafened until the start of your next turn, and any creature that remains within, or enters, the burst's location immediately takes 5 Lightning or Thunder damage. This lingering field of energy dissipates at the end of your next turn.

Insubstantial Kishanai Utility 12
With a quiet exhale your form fades away into the wind, enabling uninhibited movement by you as you are nothing more than a passing breeze.
Daily Star.gif Psionic
Minor Action Personal
Effect: You immediately become insubstantial like the wind until the end of your next turn, causing all effects which target you to to result in no damage or harm, along with allowing you to shift up to your movement speed while ignoring difficult terrain. You additionally gain +4 to your maximum movement speed for the duration of this effect and may not attack, but may move through occupied squares. If you end your turn in an occupied square, you are shifted to the nearest unoccupied location without harm.

Hurricane Kishanai Attack 20
With a rumbling in the air, lightning crackles around your arms, racing to your finger tips as the location pictured within your mind erupts into a fierce hurricane with billowing wind and pouring rain spiked by discharges of lightning and echoes of thunder.
Daily Star.gif Primal, Thunder, Force, Zone
Standard Action Area burst 5 within 20 squares
Target: Each enemy in burst
Attack: Wisdom, Intelligence, Strength or Dexterity Vs. Reflex
Hit: 1d10 + Wisdom, Intelligence or Dexterity modifier damage as Lightning, Thunder or Force
Effect: The burst creates a zone of storming violent winds that lasts until the end of your next turn. A hostile creature that enters the zone or starts its turn there takes 1d10 + Wisdom, Intelligence or Dexterity modifier damage as Lightning, Thunder or Force damage. The area which the summoned hurricane resides in is considered difficult terrain, and any forced movement hostile creatures are subject to within the hurricane may be increased by +1.
Sustain Minor: The zone persists.
Special: Hostile creatures which are critically struck by the hurricane's effects upon are knocked prone and slid 1 squares.

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