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King's Ranger[edit]

Ranger Subclass (this subclass is a reference to the rangers apprentice books by the way)

After being chosen to protect your kingdom, you went through rigorous training in order to become an expert in your trade. strategy, archery, knife combat, intimidation, and stealth are your specialties.

Standard issue equipment - lvl 3

Initiates into the ranger corps get issued standard ranger gear. swap out your short swords/simple melee weapons for a Saxe knife and a Throwing knife, along with a green and gray pattern cloak. Saxe knife: 1d8, +2 AC when blocking with it, weapon is resistant to damage/dulling. Throwing knife: 1d4, range of 30ft, weapon is resistant to damage/dulling. Ranger Cloak: +2 stealth when you're not moving. you have proficiency in the Saxe knife and the Throwing knife.

Medical Training - lvl 4

You always have a medical kit on you The kit gives you +5 for the healing skill.

Ranger horse - lvl 5

Because of the need to get from place to place quickly. Everyone in the ranger corps gets a specially trained horse that knows how to do all the tasks it can do. It counts as an Unusual mount.

Rapid shot - lvl 7

As the result of daily practice, you can fire a second shot at a target within 15ft of your first shot's target, as a bonus action. increases to 2 extra shots at lvl 15

Knife precision - lvl 10

After daily practice you learn how to hit the vulnerable points with your knife, +5 damage to enemies 30 feet around you and goes from a 1d4 to a 1d6.

Snipe - lvl 13

After using a bow with the same draw weight for so long, you upgrade for a bow with almost double your original draw weight. range doubles. damage at 100ft or less becomes 1d12. at 250ft - 100ft damage becomes 1d10. greater chance of arrows being broken.

Reputation - lvl 18

Your work with the ranger corps has gotten the public to notice you as a symbol of peace, justice, and fear. the criminal world has started fearing you. +2 intimidation and +2 persuasion.

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