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Most creatures are born with a soul. Occasionally, the soul of a creature is too powerful for the physical form to contain. Sometimes, this manifests itself as a child with an extreme gift for the arcane arts. On more rare occasions, the power is too much for an infantile body, and the child dies soon after birth, the reason invisible to most. The rarest result of this situation is the birth of a Kindred. When a powerful soul is placed into the body of a child, there is an extremely rare chance it will fracture and become a Kindred. A Kindred can be compared to growing an apple tree. One could take an apple, split it in half, and take multiple seeds from the core. Although the trees grown from these seeds may be very similar, and come from the same source, they are two individual beings. Two Kindred souls come from the same source, although they are two individuals with their own minds, opinions, and sentience. Bound for life to their original bodies, the Kindred are a species of their own.

Physical Description[edit]

The Kindred themselves are two souls inhabiting one body. Each individual soul of The Kindred has its own name. It manifests itself in the physical world as a spectral version of some sort of beast, almost like the ghost of this creature. It normally cannot interact with objects other than its shared body. The two Kindred spirits are often two different beasts. In addition to their spiritual forms, Kindred also possess a single physical body between them. This physical body is in the shape of the species which they were originally born. It is very common for one Kindred soul to exist commanding the physical body, the other existing in its spiritual form alongside them. With the ability to become invisible when not in their physical form, it is quite easy indeed to hide one’s Kindred nature.


Kindred don’t exactly have a history. With such a varied species comes no collective history. However, there are a couple historical figures who were unknown as Kindred, and even fewer who were open about their uniqueness.


Kindred very rarely have their own societies. Instead, they attempt to integrate themselves into the societies they were born into, whether that means hiding their Kindred nature or flourishing in it. For centuries, there has been speak of a secret Kindred civilization, but any non-Kindred who searches for it comes back empty-handed.

Kindred Names[edit]

Kindred often take names from the culture they are born into. Each Kindred soul often has its own unique name.

Kindred Traits[edit]

As a Kindred, you gain the following features:
Ability Score Increase. Cha +1
Age. Your age and rate of maturity is decided by your physical race. However, there is a secretive Kindred ritual which is known to freeze Kindred age; they are eternally the age which they perform this ritual, and cannot die of old age.
Alignment. Being from such varied cultures, Kindred can fall anywhere on the spectrum of alignment.
Size. The physical body follows the rules of the parent species. The Souls are the size of whatever creature they replicate. The largest recorded Kindred Souls have been the size of bears, but a slightly larger creature is not impossible.
Speed. The physical body of the Kindred Souls has a movement speed and movement type equal to their original race. Additionally, the free Kindred Soul has a movement speed of 30 feet
Two of Mind. You are a creature with two distinct souls bound to one physical form. As a bonus action, you may switch which soul is currently inhabiting the physical body. One soul must be inhabiting a body at one time, or risk killing the body, thus killing both souls. Different souls inhabiting a body at any given time provide different effects based on the soul’s subclass, described below. Both Kindred Souls share one body. As such, they have one singular hit point maximum. If the body falls unconscious, both souls retreat within the body. This is different than sleep, which both souls are able to do separately. Finally, if the physical form of a Kindred Pair dies, both souls die with it.
Individuals. When rolling for stats for this character, roll separate wisdom, intelligence, and charisma modifiers for both souls unless the souls are inhabiting a living body. Additionally, each soul may have their own proficiencies; for instance, when creating a Kindred Druid, one may be proficient with Arcana, with the other being proficient in medicine. Despite these mental differences, the main physical body has consistent strength, constitution, and dexterity modifiers.
Soul Traits. While not in their physical form, a Kindred Soul is a set color. It cannot interact with the physical world, although they may choose to either float or walk along the ground. They can pass through walls, and communicate telepathically to their other Kindred Soul at will. Additionally, they may choose to become invisible, visible only to their other Kindred Soul and creatures with true sight or can otherwise see invisible creatures. Neither Kindred Soul can go farther than 60 feet from their physical body; if they tried, they would be pulled back as though connected to their body by an invisible chain. The Kindred Soul alone has a movement speed of 30 feet in any direction.
Powerful Souls. While a Kindred is in their physical form, they gain a special ability. This counts as their "subrace", described at the end of this race description. Due to the open-natured quality of these abilities, it is important to speak with your DM before proceeding with any of them. It is also important to speak to your DM about any other traits you may need to drop from your original species to avoid becoming too powerful.
Singularity. When the Kindred reaches Level 10, as an action both of its souls may enter the physical body at once. When this occurs, the Kindred is filled with great amounts of power. It is able to use both of its Kindred Soul's individual traits at once, without needing to switch. Additionally, it gains another ability, usually some sort of combination of the abilities of the other two Kindred Souls. For instance, a Kindred pair having a sword and fire abilities respectively may come together to create a flaming sword, dealing slashing and fire damage. A Kindred may attempt to use this ability before they reach level 10; however, doing so requires a DC 20 Charisma check from both Kindred Souls, or they both become incapacitated. If a Kindred is incapacitated while in this form, they receive disadvantage on Death Saving Throws
Languages. You can speak, read, and write all languages of your parent race, in addition to one exotic language of your choice.

Weapon Kindred[edit]

Ability Score Increase. Dexterity + 2
Summon Spectral Weapon. As a free action when the specified Kindred Soul is in the physical body, you may choose to summon a spectral weapon. The weapon appears to be made of some sort of tinted crystal, whose color matches the Kindred Soul's when not in the physical form. This weapon has all the normal in-game statistics it would have normally and counts as a magical weapon in regards to overcoming resistance. You must choose one weapon type (Greatsword, spear, etc.), and it cannot change. If the weapon chosen has the "Thrown" trait, you cannot summon more than five versions of the weapon at a time; one previously summoned version must disappear. Additionally, you may choose to summon a weapon which requires ammunition, such as a bow or sling. You may choose to summon your own ammunition- however, you cannot have more than five pieces of ammunition present in the world at a time. You may also choose instead to use this trait to create ammunition for any physical weapon you may find- again, no more than five pieces of ammo may appear from this trait. You are considered proficient in whatever weapon you summon, even if you would not normally be proficient with it.

Magical Kindred[edit]

Ability Score Increase. Dexterity +1, Charisma +1
Magical Ability. This ability is difficult to describe, as it is very free form in how it works. When this Kindred Soul is within the physical body, it gains some sort of magical ability. This ability can be created with the player and DM, but must somehow relate to the Kindred Soul's soul form. A few examples are listed below to help generate ideas; by no means should the items listed below be thought of as the only options for a Kindred's abilities.

- Fae Wings This Kindred Soul manifests as some sort of insect or bird. You can use a action for manifest your wings, you have 30 feet of flying speed, you can't use fly if you're wearing a heavy Armor.

- Pyrokinetics This Kindred Soul manifests as a very strong creature, or a creature related somehow to fire. It knows the cantrips Create Bonfire and Control Flames. Charisma is the modifier it uses for this trait.

- Owl's Eyes This Kindred Soul manifests as a bird of prey or other creature with good eyesight. It has darkvision up to 30 feet and is proficient in perception and investigation checks. If the creature is already proficient in these skills, it may add double its proficiency bonus to checks made with them.

- Songbird This Kindred Soul manifests as some sort of songbird or other beautiful sounding creature. It becomes proficient in all musical instruments and may roll with an advantage on performance checks made which include singing.

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