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The mighty blow, the stoutest foe, but all should know, as I behold, no one rose that day who wasn't under the pay of Meloku's gang
Douie Solitude, Famed Bard
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Kilaloorak (Kill-ah-Lew-Rack; Ulutiun for Whale that Walks) is a legendary Valgorian celebrity who has served his people and the world for decades.

Game Stats[edit]


CR 16

Male whale monstrous humanoid 3, fighter 2, hulking hurler 3, master thrower 5, exotic weapon master 1. spellwarped creature (+3 LA, 1 bought off so +2)
CG Large monstrous humanoid
Init/Senses +4/Listen +3, Spot +17
Languages Common, Ulutiun, Aquan, Giant
AC 25, touch 19, flat-footed 25
(+5 Dex, +9 Racial (+3/7/12 at large increments), +2 spelltouched, -1 size (-2/4/8 at larger increments))
hp 196, 224/252/280 when huge/gargantuan/colossal (14 HD)
Fort/Ref/Will +16/+17/+11
Speed 30ft, Swim 40ft
Melee Masterwork Adamantine Greataxe (damage: 3/4/6/8d6+Str mod) or
Melee Aquatic Sizing Slowing Harpoon (damage: 2/3/4/6d8+Str mod)
Ranged Aquatic Sizing Slowing Harpoon (damage: 2/3/4/6d8+Str mod) or
Ranged Improvised Weapon "Cursed Anchor" (damage: between 195-680266 d6+Str mod. Depends on current Size and Strength)
Base Atk/Grp +14/+24
Abilities Str 38 ;+16/24/32 when huge/gargantuan/colossal, Dex 20 ;-2 when huge/gargantuan/colossal, Con 24 ;+4/8/12 when huge/gargantuan/colossal, Int 20, Wis 18, Cha 11
Feats Point Blank Shot, Exotic Weapon Proficiency (harpoon), Brutal Throw, Precise Shot, Natural Heavyweight, Earthquake Stomp, Penetrating Shot, Weapon Focus (harpoon), Power Attack, Quick Draw, Snatch Arrows, Improved Critical, Endurance (flavor feat)
Skills Balance +1, Climb +1, Craft (boatbuilding) +8, Craft (weapon) +3, Handle Animal +3, Intimidate +7, Jump +2, Knowledge (geography) +1, Knowledge (nature) +1, Listen +3, Profession (sailor) +6, Sleight of Hand +4, Spot +17, Swim +7, Tumble +8, Use Rope +6, Skill Tricks: Spot the Weak Point
Possessions Aquatic Sizing Slowing Harpoon, Belt of the Wide Eart, Strongarm Bracers of Giant Size, Easy Travel Pants of Stars, Ring of Sustenance and Regeneration, Cursed Anchor (195-680266 d6+Str mod), Masterwork Adamantine Greataxe (3/4/6/8/ d6)
Patron Deity Aqualira

Additional Stats[edit]

Can exist both under water and on land equally as well.
Class Features
Really Throw Anything, Catch Weapon, Overburdened Heave, Deadeye Shot, Close-Quarters Ranged Combat, Evasion, Two With One Blow, Meteor Strike, Critical Throw
Vulnerable, Noncombatant
Str +4, Dex +2, Con +4, Int +4, Natural AC +2 (stacks), Spell Resistance (ex) 11+HD, Spell Absorption (su)
Various Racial Alterations (already calculated into stat block)
Str +8, Dex +4, Con +4, Wis +4, Large size, +9 Natural AC, +8 racial bonus on Swim checks (can always take 10), +4 racial bonus to Spot and Listen checks, darkvision, blindsight (ex), echolocation 120 feet, Hold Breath (ex) 8xCon rounds before risking drowning

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