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wondrous item (key), rare (requires attunement)

a key that can unlock any lock!...wait why is the chest a mimic now? that's right! it turns all objects it unlocks into mimics!

this key can unlock any lock, but... the unlocked item is now a mimic.

Curse. This is cursed. Attuning to this item curses you until you are targeted by a remove curse spell or similar magic. any time this cursed key unlocks something the DM can choose to turn the unlocked item into a mimic, this key can only be fixed so that it does not do this by either spending 10'000 gold, three newborns as a sacrifice, one humanoids spell casting ability and five hours with the key, or coating it in mimic and doppelgänger blood, using the wish spell and killing the two nearest people that can bring back the dead.

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