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Kettle of Toin: The Kettle of Toin is an heirloom of the Toin family, a gnomish family of some of the best bards and illusionists around. This item can be activated when an incantation that is only known by members of the Toin family is read out loud. The kettle will start to boil when activated, but it will not be hot to the touch. The user can make music from the kettle by using their fingers to cover eight different holes on top of the kettle while it is boiling, thus making music from the whistling sound. When this is done the DM should roll a percentile dice and take the effect from the random effects table below. The family of Toin are the only ones who know what the effects can lead to but many rumors have been spread about the kettle and its effects. It is up to the DM if the party should find out. To negate any effects, targets may make a will save of the bards' choice of his spell DCs x1.5. The bard should not be told the effect they have caused until after the DC has been decided.

The value of this kettle is unmeasurable. It is sought after by the gnomes who seek to restore it to the rightful family. Sought after by evil villains who hear stories of its extensive power and adventurers are normally attracted to the thought of a limited wish. The Kettle of Toin was hidden long ago and is said to be well guarded in the mountain caverns of the last known member of the Toin wizards. Who knows what magic guards an instrument of such power.

CL ;

1d100 Effect Moniker Effect
1-5 Family Blessing +4 to the next save made (fort, ref or will)
6-13 Tanin Stains Everyone within hearing range who fails the save turns tan and any paper on them ages by 50 years.
13-20 New York New York All humanoid creatures take the form of a small imp for 4d12 hours (fly 20 good)
21-25 Happy Birthday DM rolls d6 if rolls even Gold carried by player doubles if odd the value halves.
26-32 Bum Note All who hear the song take a negative level for 24hours
33-37 Rabbit in the Hat One person who hears this song turns into a rabbit
38-45 Old MacDonald One person who hears this turns into a cow
46-48 Tale of Arthur All sharp weapons take a +1 magical enchantment for 24hours
49-50 The Grace of the Gods DM decided a random event to progress storyline or roll again.
51-60 Ring of Roses Someone in the party contracts a disease dealing 1d3 Con damage a day.
61-63 Relax The next time the party rests the regain full health and heal one ability to max
64-70 Freaky song People who hear this song develop an irrational fear of what the are looking at for 2hours
71-75 Howl in the Night This song attract lycanthropes, if already present drives them into a frenzy
76-80 Morning of the dead... dead Slays any and all undead or cursed in a 200-foot radius. Including those suffering from bestow curse spell
81-82 Ding dong People who listen to the song gain a level until next rest
83-84 Dong Party gain half experience needed for next level although they must stop 1xp before level
85-89 Arabian Nights Summons a djinni to grant a limited wish to party
90-96 Deep sleep Party falls unconscious for 5d20 hours.
97-100 The Final Song One person who hears the song dies, unexplainably

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