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Kinetic Empower[edit]

He stood with his hand straight at the target, with a cautious move, he puts his hand back, mummles some words, and then releses the hand like a bullet and hits fiercly.

Level: 1 Component Cost: 200
Category: Enchantment Market Price: 500
Time: Instant Key Skill: Athletics
Duration: One strike

|description=The ritual enchants your strong hand's kinetic (push) power, so that when you attack with your hand it will be so fast it will hit the target like a bullet. the attack decreses the target's health by 10%, no matter what health the target posseses. though you need to do a check to see if you hit with your hand or not. first you need to do an athletics check, results will set the dice that you will roll to check if you hit. after you set a dice, roll a check, and if the result is in the highier half (for 1D20, for example, 1-10 is miss, 11-20 is hit) then you hit with the attack, and if the result is the lower half, then you miss.

Athletics Check Result Dice Roll
10 or lower 1D20
11-20 1D10
21-25 1D6
26-30 1D4
31-40 1D2

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