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Guards are the most common type of Kenilath, with only the abilities that being a Kenilath gives. Historically, they were the ones to guard their Kerns' establishments, and most of the warriors in Kenilath wars were Guards. Guards' spirit-flames are one of the most controversial, however, as it is believed to be what started the use of "school-supply type weapons" for Kenili. It is a pair of crossed rulers (or metersticks, as scale is indeterminable) over a cahier, or notebook. Although Guards do not have any active abilities, the passive adjustments of most Kenili hold their name, known as a "Guard base".

Guards are a subtype of Kenili. Descriptions and adjustments are carried over, including Guard Base.

Racial Traits[edit]

  • Humankind (Kenilath)
  • Favored Class: Clerk or Meterstick-Wielder; Guards are more adaptable than most Kenili.
  • Level Adjustment: Kenilath adjustments (and SSR) only.

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