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Because the Charger's ability is necessary to be effective against the Creatures, there is rarely a Kern without one, although Chargers are not one of the more common types of Kenili. Their main ability is to charge fruits and vegetables to make them far more effective in battle, though they are often as powerful warriors as the Trackers that are often deemed heroes. Earl Grey was a Charger who used his uncommon abilities to capture the Donkeys for once and for all. The Charger's spirit-flame is in the shape of whatever creature they may turn into when shapeshifting (although most Chargers cannot actually shapeshift, they still possess a secondary form). Though not entirely spectacular (until the charged fruits and vegetables are thrown, of course), Chargers' abilities are often revered simply for being necessary.

Chargers are a subtype of Kenili. Descriptions and adjustments are carried over, including Guard Base.

Racial Traits[edit]

  • Humankind (Kenilath)
  • Charging (Su): Chargers may charge fruits and vegetables to make them more powerful against the Creatures (and other Kenili). Regardless of the type of fruit/vegetable or juice that is being charged, charging adds +1d8/+1d4/+1 (Creature/Kenilath/Mailbox) damage dice to fruit/vegetable attacks. It also adds an enhancement +1 attack bonus to hit, and +10m (+30ft) range. Charged fruits and vegetables still do not affect Fairies, and charges of the same type do not stack (two Charger charges don't stack, nor do two Keeper semi-charges, but a charge and semi-charge will stack. Semi-charges are calculated second). The act of charging is draining for a Charger (though not as much so as many other abilities that use the Kenilath's energy), and deals 1 nonlethal damage to the Charger per charge. Charging is a standard action that can be used at will, and charging a fruit/vegetable will make it spark as brightly for a moment as if it had hit a Creature (this does not deal damage to creatures susceptible to it, however, and is only light). Once the charged fruit/vegetable hits something and sparks, it is destroyed.
  • Shapeshift (Sp): Sometimes, Chargers have the ability to shapeshift. This functions like the spell polymorph, though in some ways like the druid's wild shape ability. Chargers have one preferred secondary form, which does not take the extra -5 penalty to use Kenilath ability checks to shapeshift, as shown in their spirit-flame, though they are not limited to this form. Chargers can only shapeshift into creatures of the animal type, and back to their usual form. They do not recover hit points when shapeshifting; instead, they recover them once they shapeshift back to humankind form. While shapeshifting, Chargers lose their Kenilath and spellcasting abilities (though not class abilities), and gain all the special attacks, special qualities, special abilities of all types (Ex, Su, and Sp), movement modes, natural attacks, and natural armour of their shapeshifted form. They retain both their own feats and those of the new form. Any equipment they are wearing or carrying is melded into the new form and becomes useless until they shapeshift back (when the gear returns to where it was). Chargers do not need to be familiar with the form they choose to take (a specific name or image is sufficient, though they take an additional -5 on the check). They cannot speak in animal form unless the animal is capable of any type of speech (if it is capable of forming the correct sounds, the Charger may speak any language they know, though they automatically gain the languages the animal speaks while in that form). Chargers' animal forms are not limited by size or hit dice, though such an animal must exist in the setting this occurs in, and the Charger takes on the animal's hit points. Shapeshifting and shapeshifting back is a standard action. As a secondary ability, it has use Kenilath ability DC +5.
  • Favored Class: Scissors-Wielder
  • Level Adjustment: Charger abilities give LA +3. Speed-strength ratio and other abilities are not taken into account.

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