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Kelmi, God of Law[edit]

Greater Deity
Symbol: A gavel on a round shield.
Home Plane: The Overspace
Alignment: Lawful Neutral
Portfolio: Discipline, heirarchy, training, control, imprisonment, subjugation, leadership, subservience
Clergy Alignments: LG, LN, LE
Domains: Artifice Domain, Community Domain, Earth Domain, Law Domain, Nobility Domain, Protection Domain
Favored Weapon: Warhammer
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Kelmi is most commonly depicted as a Fighter Dwarf in Heavy Armor carrying a warhammer and a tower shield. Her hair is black, well-kept, and braided.


In her dogma, Kelmi claims discipline and strict control of oneself to be the keys to true power. The most powerful of her followers she takes as vassals, entrusting to them the running of her temples and the keeping of her followers.

Clergy and Temples[edit]

The structure of her churches is organized by a strict heirarchy. Movement upward, while not difficult, is very momentous. Her temples are structures of powerful and longlasting architecture. She has the most ancient of temples under her control, and many of them are still in nearly perfect condition.

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