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Lesser Deity
Symbol: A simple beer keg.
Home Plane: Plane of intoxication
Alignment: Neutral
Portfolio: alcohol, binge drinking, bar fights
Clergy Alignments: Any neutral
Domains: Strength
Favored Weapon: Flaming Fists

Kegg, the Drunk[edit]

A stocky dwarf who challenged the God Hanseath to a drinking contest, right as he finished his final drink his liver burst. But instead of dying he ascended to godhood, because he drank a single drop more than Hanseath.


His followers are suggested to binge drink often and start bar fights whenever.

Clergy and Temples[edit]

He has no temples, but his worshipers chose to cling to his teachings of binge drinking and fighting, because most of his followers are drunken masters who saw him in a drunken dream. Of course this was followed by a god like hangover.

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