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Katarans are witty, capitalistic hunters. They have no real community, and live in forests. They are rarely seen outside their sacred forests, are there are many a bards tale telling of the strange, secretive monkey-people…


Kataran personalities can range from stern hunter-warrior to happy-go-lucky troublemaker, but most are somewhere in the middle. The majority of katarans make hunting an enjoyable sport, or game. Katarans revel in games of all sorts.

Physical Description

Most Kataran stand about 5 and a half feet tall, with a great variation, some being as short as 4 feet, and some reaching over 6 feet tall. Men are just slightly taller, and about the same weight as women. Most have long, wavy or straight black or brown hair, which is always just slightly darker than the rest of their hair. Their most pronounced feature, however, is their surprising resemblance to monkeys. They have blonde or brown hair all over their bodies, pronounced lips, nose and ears, and a long, semi-prehensile tail. Their amazing likeness to Vanara many sages have come to think they are merely a branch of the Vanara race.


Katarans are generally unbiased in their opinions of other races and people. They are not quick to judge anyone and rarely hold grudges against a group of people for the actions of a few. To many outsiders who do not understand and know them they can seem cold and uncaring, but they just show their emotions in a much different way than most humans and other races.


Katarans are generally uncaring to events of the outside world, their societies have many qualities that are both lawful and chaotic. They have a strong clan loyalty, but many clans are nomadic, never staying in one place for very long. They tend more toward good than evil, but have no strong tie or drive to defend it.


Kataran have no specific land of their own, they usually live in forests or savannas outside of small human or elven villages. Those who decide to strike out on their own and leave the forest usually move into a human city, where diversity is tolerated.


The kataran revere nature spirits, and above all the spirit of the trees Arvore. Many sages believe that they adopted the religion of their vanara cousins, but they are far less religious than the vanara. Most katara recognize Obad-hai and Ehlonna, but few worship them.


Kataran speak Kataran, which uses the common script, and is spoken in very soft, light, flowing tones. It is similar to elven in many respects, and the two languages share many common forest terms.


Kataran receive a “child name” at birth, and they later adopt a surname or deed name, given to them because of some significant act. After they have received their deed name it is appalling and shameful to use their “child name” but many adopt other names for ease when dealing with humans.

Racial Traits

  • Medium size. As medium creatures, Kataran's receive no bonus or penalties to their attack bonus or armor class.
  • Base Speed: 30 ft., climb 20 ft.
  • +4 bonus on all Balance, Jump, and Tumble checks.
  • May take the Brachiation feat w/o meeting the prerequisites (still uses a regular feat slot)
  • May take the Prehensile tail feat w/o meeting the prerequisites (unless they somehow lose their tail, obviously)
  • Katarans receive free Exotic Weapon Prof. wit one of the following: greater blowgun, boomerang, or bola
  • +1 racial bonus on all attack rolls with thrown weapons and blowguns
  • Automatic Languages: Kataran
  • Favored class: Ranger

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