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Staff, legendary (major tier) (requires attunement by a sorcerer or wizard with a 9th level spell slot)

In times long gone, magic was far from limited. Every person could learn cantrips easily, if they chose to, and there was no upper limit to the power a spell could achieve. History tends to repeat itself.

The staff itself has a half crystalline, half stone structure, but is as light as a feather. The smooth stone underneath is coated in almost completely opaque shards, like red and white stained glass. At the very top of the staff, a small perfectly spherical stone hovers, blood red.

Arcane Focus. You can use Karsus’ Dream as an arcane focus.

Overcharge. When you use Karsus’ Dream to cast a spell using a 9th level slot, you can expend an additional 4 total spell levels to cast it at 10th level. When doing so, you scale the spell as if you had cast it at one level higher, but this also incurs additional effects. Choose two relevant spell modifiers from below. You cannot do this again until 24 hours have passed since you regained your 9th level spell slot.

  • Any creature damaged by this spell must make a Constitution saving throw against your Spell DC or be stunned for the next minute.
  • Any creature this effects/summons has their movement speeds increased by 15 ft. and their armor class increased by your spellcasting ability modifier(this cannot increase their armor class over 22) until the spell ends.
  • This spell can create creatures with a CR 2 higher than before. If these creatures were of a CR below 1, they are instead now CR 1.
  • A creature damaged by this spell falls prone and is moved 20 ft. away from you.
  • Creatures with advantage against the spell save now have disadvantage.
  • If a creature does not have resistance against any damage the spell deals, it now has vulnerability to it.
  • When choosing targets, this targets 3 additional creatures of your choice.
  • This spell can now target creatures as if they were not behind full cover.
  • This spell now deals double damage to structures, or triple if it did already.
  • You can change the duration by one step(1 minute into 10 minutes, 24 hours into 8 hour, and so on). This cannot make instantaneous spells last 1 minute.
  • This spell cannot damage or effect a friendly creature in any way.
  • Instead if rolling for hitpoints healed, you instead heal the maximum value(I.e 1d6 becomes 6).
  • A creature affected by this spell is poisoned until the spell ends or they make a successful save against it.
  • This spell has a DC 30 instead of any other DC when another caster attempts to end it(I.e counterspell).
  • A creature affected/summoned by this spell can make an additional melee attack as a bonus action if they couldn’t already until the spell ends.

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