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Level: Ki Master 5
Components: V, S, Con damage
Casting time: 1 round
Range: You
Effect: You
Duration: Roll for maintaining form per round 1d10, 2150 feet
Saving Throw: Special; see below
Spell Resistance: No

His body exploded into a red aura and suddenly he seemed a lot stronger and faster than before.

The technique is used to dramatically increase the user's overall performance and can be multiplied by x2, x4, or even x10 at the highest shown level. A 5th level Ki master may use the Kaioken technique to double all attributes (and fly/burrow/swim speed, if such bases exist). Beginning at 5th level, a Ki master may declare a higher level Kaioken. This declaration enhances the effect by every multiple of 2 at and can declare a higher level of Kaioken every two caster levels. The maximum caster level for boosts is 10, to with which the declaration level for the Kaioken also maxes out for x6 or x10.

While using the Kaioken, the user may take a move action and still make a full attack action. Any successful attack rolls on a spell while in Kaioken increases damage by 15% this effect remains stationary through x6 through x10 of Kaioken. Each positive level, Kaioken multiplies all attributes by 2 (x2 doubles all attributes, x3 triples it and so on). In addition to this, the Kaioken x2 also has a 3/6 chance to grant, the user gains a +1 to an attack bonus of +1 toward all attacks and natural armor bonus of +1 when first used.

In order to achieve a state of Kaioken, the caster must consume 5 Ki points every level of Kaioken gains 2 a 2 point Ki cost. After using such Ki the user has a 2/6 chance of obtaining 2x and for x3 1/6. For other multipliers the user will roll a d20 making x4 14/20, x5 12/20, and x6 10/20 so on; if the user fails, the caster becomes instantly exhausted. The caster can declare a higher level of Kaioken as he casts the spell, or during (if he fits the prerequisites) their current use of one without expending another spell slot, but cannot lower their level of Kaioken once the fort save for this level is made.

In addition to this, when the effects of Kaioken where off, all stats, including health gained from the constitution bonuses, boosted with the use of this spell are returned to normal. However, the rapid loss of such power causes 1d4 rounds of exhaustion. Higher levels of the Kaioken, in addition to the exhaustion, You take 1d2 points of Constitution damage from the strain of pushing yourself each time it's you're turn or minute for Kaioken x2 and an additional 1 point of damage for every two stages higher upon the spell duration's end. But if 10x is obtained x2 through 4x will no longer have an exhaustion boost of 1d4. You may also spend an extra 3 Ki points to use Kaioken without having to fail.

For balance gameplay 2x and 3x will be the only variants of Kaioken and exhaustion is always there. The Ki cost is also increased to 10 and 20, you may add 5+ Ki to have 0 chance of failing or 10+ to not gain exhaustion from Kaioken. All Ki used while in Kaioken will no longer regenerate until end of the battle or 30 minutes. Along with these addons you may no longer be healed in this state.

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