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Physical Description[edit]

Titanic-sized creatures (between 700ft and 1000ft), older than the earth itself, invulnerable to any type of weapon or magic. The kabas feel neither pain nor fatigue, feared even by the gods, spend centuries underground, in the seas or skies, meditating and resting.They also have a caige tail, who can trap creatures.


These Titans of nature have no age. They are omniscient and almost unbeatable, in fact the only way to annihilate these creatures is to collapse the entire universe in which they are present. The legend tells that these creatures were originated together with the universe in the form of colossal eggs and that, as soon as they are hatched, they have gone in search of a planet to live on.


About 30 copies

Kaba Traits[edit]

Ability Score Increase. They are the strongest creatures in existence, so their statistics are almost endless.
Age. They are as old as the universe.
Alignment. The alignment is neutral until attacked.
Size. They can even reach 1000 feet.
Speed. Their walking movement is 100 feet.
Ca:10M.. They are invulnerable.
HP:10M.. They are invulnerable.
Attacks.. Telekinetic damage 1d10+(10M)/Vacuum breath 1d4+(10M).
Cage Tail.. His tail i literally a bone cage, capable of trapping evry creature of giant or smaller size.It s IMPOSSIBLE to escape.
NarcoFog.. Toxic fog able to send K.O. every living and non-living creature.The fog can extend for hundreds of kilometers in height, distance and depth, even crossing earth and rock.To go K.O.just get in touch with the fog.
Languages. The Kabas are unable to speak vocally, but can communicate with telekinesis.

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