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Mildly Earth, Mildly Alchemic, Dwarven Warren Cluster

Jura city is the largest and most productive of all dwarven settlements. The city itself is carved into deep ravines, making it a true vertical city. The city is the foremost dwarven production center, especially in the area of armaments and metals. The city's prodigious use of coal gives this city fairly bad air pollution.


Name: Jura
Planar Size: Small
Influences: None
Ruling Organization: Great Dwarven Union
Government Type: Clan Assembly
Other Organizations:
  • Twelve Kingdoms
Capital: Tria
Languages: Dwarven, Common
Religion: Dwarven
Patron Deity: TO BE DECIDED
Resources: Expert crafters, finished goods,
Important Locations:



During the Age of Antiquity, Jura fought many wars with many human cities. Jura and Charystos fought three separate wars over adamantine. In the end, the Dwarves successfully seized and held the great adamantine wealth of the ancient world.


During the War of Good and Evil, the forges of Jura supplied the forces of Good with vast numbers of weapons. When Good won, and were then unable to pay the dwarves, the dwarven mood soured.


Thule greatly valued the cooperation of the dwarves. He saw the dwarves repaid for their work, even though that debt took many years to repay. The dwarves accepted this repayment, but never again trusted Charystos as they had during the War of Good and Evil.


During the Wars of Law and Chaos, the dwarves supported law. Their furnaces, once again, ran hot with production. They housed many prisoners of war in the Pit, the now exhausted adamantine strip mine. Many died there of starvation, mistreatment, and toxins from adamantine production.


With the recent seize of New Island by the Malachite Emperors, a place considered holy by the dwarves as the island is actually the top of holy Mount Kreta, the dwarves have embargoed all direct trade with Charystos.

Planar Information[edit]

Jura City lies on the western flank of the dwarven warren and the mountains that lie above.

The land is temperate, characterized by pleasant summers and snowy winters. The area surrounding the city is entirely pastureland, as all trees have been felled. The city relies on coal for its heat and light. Few wild creatures are seen here, although deep in the mountains, there are still wild and formidable valleys.

Jura City boasts an effectively guarded gate.

Politics and People[edit]

Jura City is ruled by a high priest appointed by the Earth Lord in Tria. The High Priest's duty is to implement the policies established by the Earth Lord. He works with the various clan chiefs to make this happen. Each of the clans is ruled by their own King. Each clan operates independently. This makes Jura city government a nightmare to follow.


Dwarves are clannish, tending to stick within their own clans among dwarves, and among dwarves when people are around. Humans do live in and around them. Then tend to be mildly friendly with the natives of this country. They are less friendly towards visitors.


Jura city occasionally fights the Feral Nation and the Border League.

Major Landmarks[edit]

  • GDU Headquarters
  • Temple of the Earth Lord
  • Foreign Quarter
  • The Pit
  • The Foundry

Adventure Hooks[edit]

  • Buy equipment
  • Commission arms and armor
  • Sell equipment
  • Make contact with dwarves of any type

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