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Joy Human[edit]

A group of exhausted explorers navigate the cliffsides looking for a cave to set up camp for the evening. As night consumes the horizon, the party hears the cries of a fellow party member that had left to collect firewood. Upon following the noise, twisted flesh and skin became visible along the broken path. Approaching the figure, they soon notice that the source of screaming is now muffled by a long and contorted arm extending from the beast ahead. This creature couldn't be human, but its skin and features were eerily more human-like than any monster they've seen. Its face was caved and gnarled, and its limbs spiraled and sprawled outward like vines. As they tremble in terror, a deep, hideous howl shakes the canyons as their companion is gruesomely torn and broken into small pieces. Oddly enough, the last thing the adventurers could spot were small blue capsules scattered on the ground close to the killer.

Joy is both a steroid and a drug that drastically increases the strength and durability of the user for a short period of time. It also gives the user the ability to have vivid hallucinations about their deepest desires, which often helps some cope with tragedy or losing a loved one. Long-term use of joy has extreme side-effects such as terrifying hallucinations, withdrawal, and uncontrollable mutations. Unfortunately, all it takes is a single use of Joy to spark these side-effects.

Physical Description[edit]

Joy Mutants are typically much larger than regular humans. However, this doesn't mean they are all the same shape and size. Some bodies mutate in long and curled patterns resembling a snake while some can mutate into giant blobs with spaghetti-like appendages. These mutations are thought to be reflections of person's deepest desires from when they were human.


Though the final stages of Joy mutations are basically equivalent to death for the victim, the early stages give them slight control but with a few violent tendencies. Any clothes or accessories the individual is wearing might be molded into their flesh assuming it isn't broken or torn by the growth caused by the mutations.


Joy Mutants have different amounts of strength depending on how strong they were as a human. Though most of them are independent and have almost no intelligence or sanity, some can be slightly sentient depending on how extreme their desires are. In other words, although a joy mutant might thoughtlessly slaughter a random party of travelers, it can also be completely harmless toward someone who resembles a past loved one. Joy mutants don't usually gather in packs, and are often found in isolated locations away from civilization. Any humans that might've lived near the mutant are typically either killed or have moved far away from that place.

Joy Human Names[edit]

Names are often simplistic and given based on the person's previous first name. But some might be named differently based on how people perceive or remember them.

Male: Beady, Charmy, Georgy, Jonathan, Hawk, Peter, Baby, Blue

Female: Sweetheart, Buddy, Sally

Joy Human Traits[edit]

Mutated human that has taken a substance called Joy.
Ability Score Increase. You gain several traits based on mutation path. Some abilities aren't given until later levels. Your mutations are determined by your character's deepest desires. (See subraces)
Age. It is unknown how long Joy mutants can live for, so it might be assumed they don't live much longer than regular humans.
Alignment. Humans that have consumed Joy can choose any alignment but at level 20 you become fully mutated and become Chaotic Evil by default.
Size. In their human state, Joy users will be around Medium size. But once they have fully mutated they can grow to become Large. (See subraces)
Speed. Your base walking speed is determined by Subrace. Walking speed is 25 ft for Blob, 30 ft for Tree, and 35 ft for Spider.
Blood Mutations. Because of the effects of Joy, your immune system has become resistant to illness. You are now immune to being Poisoned and Diseased.
Carnivore. Your mutations give you a craving for flesh of any kind. Anything that isn't meat can't fill you in any way, and might even make you feel sick.
Rapid Regeneration. You can cast the Cure Light Wounds spell on yourself once per long rest. This cannot be used on allies. You can use this an unlimited number of times at level 20.
Languages. Common and an additional language of your choice
Subrace. Blob, Spider, and Tree


Ability Score Increase. +2 Strength and +3 Constitution, but -2 Dexterity and -3 Intelligence.
Size. Your size is Medium until level 20, where you become Large.
Speed. The base walking speed is 25 feet due to their small legs and large torsos. It becomes 20 feet at level 20.
Bulky. You receive a +2 Bonus to your Maximum Hit Points each time you level up.
Overwhelming Stature. You gain advantage on Intimidation checks, but also incur disadvantage on other Charisma checks and saving throws against NPCs that aren't larger than you.
Unmoving. Any attempts to move you or knock you prone are rolled at disadvantage. At level 20, you cannot be knocked prone or forcefully moved by any creature that is the same size or smaller than you.


Ability Score Increase. +3 Dexterity and +2 Constitution, but -2 Strength and -3 Wisdom.
Size. Your size is Medium until level 20, where you become Large.
Speed. The base walking speed is 35 feet due to their long legs and narrow torsos. It becomes 40 feet at level 20.
Darkvision. You can see in dim light within 60 feet of you as if it were bright light, and in darkness as if it were dim light. You can't discern color in darkness, only shades of grey.
Superhuman Speed. You can crawl on all fours to massively increase your speed. Once per long rest, you may use Dash as a Bonus Action. At level 20, you can use this an unlimited amount of times per day.
Flexible Limbs. Your limbs are extremely flexible, allowing you to fit through tight or cramped spaces. You also roll advantage on any checks involving climbing. At level 20, you gain the ability to climb any surface that isn't considered rough terrain.


Ability Score Increase. +3 Strength and +2 Wisdom, but -2 Constitution and -3 Intelligence.
Size. Your size is Medium until level 20, where you become Large.
Speed. The base walking speed is 30 feet.
Long Arms. Your reach is now 10 feet instead of 5 feet. At level 20, this increases to 15 feet.
Iron Skin. You gain a +1 to your AC. This increases to +2 at level 20.
Rock-hard muscle. You roll advantage on athletics checks. At level 20, you are considered one size larger when grappling.

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