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Jelly Monarch[edit]


Jelly Monarchs live most of their lives in solitude and focus on the controlling of the Jelly and ooze species, Their personality can be any for of regal as they are the monarch of the jelly race. There are very few Jelly monarchs in the world and they are one of the prime creators of jelly's and oozes of all kinds.

Jelly Monarchs devote their lives to controlling and governing the jellies of the land, even though it is unknown how they do so, When Jelly monarchs are observed in the control of their subjects they often give orders and they are fulfilled right away. If this is loyalty or some form of mind control is unknown.

As regal Jellies, Jelly Monarchs can be any kind of regal personality, noble, evil, greedy, selfish, honorable and any other kind of king you may imagine

Jelly Monarchs were created all in the same place during an experiment. This experiment was meant to bring intelligence to Jellies in order to remove their dangerous ways. While this only worked on a few jellies, this was a success, however all of the Jellies took on a regal view, believing it was their duty to lead the jellies to greatness. Hence this experiment was never repeated and only a maximum number of 10 Jelly monarchs were ever created.

Physical Description[edit]

Jelly Monarchs are formless and can take any form they please. One thing that is consistent with the Jelly Monarchs however is that they will all have a crown on their form.


Jelly monarchs get along with any race that respects them and doesn't treat them or the jellies as monsters. Even though their subjects are nothing but that.


The alignment of the Jelly monarch is entirely dependent on their ruling style.


Jelly Monarchs are generally found in large caves, abandoned forts and castles and in any kind of secluded area that has some sort of hideaway.


Jellies typically worship deities associated with water and acid elements.


Jelly Monarchs speak common, slime and the language from the species that created them.


Jelly Monarchs typically carry multiple names. Their regal name in the slimetongue as well as a name to be used by non slime speakers to make communication easier if they so wish.

Racial Traits[edit]

Stats: Being Jellies, Jelly Monarchs gain a +10 to constitution and a +4 to strength, however they are not made to be agile or sufficient with spells, and as such have a -4 to dexterity and a -4 to Intelligence.

Type: Jelly Monarchs are formless beings and such are categorized under the Ooze Type

Size: Jelly Monarchs can range from medium to large size, though they may temporarily increase their size if they absorb other jellies, gaining +2 to constitution and strength if it increases in size while suffering a -2 in dexterity, and -2 to constitution and strength if it decreases in size while gaining +2 dexterity. A jelly monarch can not exceed gargantuan size and must absorb it's full body size of jellies in order to grow to the next size category

Base land speed: Jellies morphing creatures and as such their speed varies on their size.30 feet is the general speed if medium size, This changes if they change size with smaller Monarchs gaining +10 speed for each size level down and larger monarchs gaining -10 speed for each level up


Jelly Heritage(EX): A Jelly monarch may absorb other Jellies to increase it's size, and dispel Jellies to decrease it's size. This takes one turn.

Lord of the Ooze(SP): A Jelly monarch may create a Jelly from it's own body, though it must be one size category under it's current size, The summoned Ooze has as much hit die as the monarch wishes to give it, however the monarch loses this amount in hit die when creating a Jelly. If the created Jelly dies it leaves behind a puddle which may be re-absorbed to restore the size, but only heals the Jelly Monarch for half of the hit points the Jelly had. Oozes gain the improved grab, acid and swallow skills as well as a slam attack which power varies with it's size. small:1d4 medium:1d6 large:2d6 huge:2d12

Jelly skills(EX): Being a jelly, A Jelly monarch may will to become sticky and as such gains a +8 to climb checks, a +3 to diplomacy and knowledge:Nobility due to it's regal skills. However they can not swim or jump well due to their bodily shape, getting a -3 to swim and a -8 to jump

Royal Jellythority: A Jelly monarch is unable to wear armor due to it's gelatinous nature. However their crowns are generally magical and provide +4 ac due to the magical jewel embeded in it. The Jelly Monarch may choose to defeat the other Jelly monarchs in battle in order to claim all 10 jewels. Every jewel increases the AC of their crown by +2. They may also use any armor that is compatible with their elastic nature, such as capes or robes

Gelatinous body(SU): As a Jelly, if a Jelly Monarch if stricken with a Slashing type weapon, it must make a DC save of 10 in order to prevent itself from splitting into two. The two Jellies are half the size of the original and split into two separate squares. One of these will retain the crown, and while both of these two jellies share the same personality,If the one with the crown reaches 0 hit points, it will count as downed until stabilized or until the second jelly created re-absorbs it's fallen twin. If the non crowned jelly reaches 0 hit points it will merely collapse and remain unable to move until re-absorbed. Re-absorption takes one turn. The Jelly monarch may choose to purposely split when hit

Improved Grab (Ex): To use this ability, a Jelly Monarch must hit with a attack that makes contact with it's body. It can then attempt to start a grapple as a free action without provoking an attack of opportunity. If it wins the grapple check, it establishes a hold and can swallow.

Swallow (Ex):Opponents can make opportunity attacks against the Monarch, but if they do so they are not entitled to a saving throw. Those who do not attempt attacks of opportunity must succeed on a DC 13 Reflex save or be engulfed; on a success, they are pushed back or aside (Monarch’s choice) as the cube moves forward. Engulfed creatures are subject to the Monarch’s acid, and are considered to be grappled and trapped within its body. The save DC is Strength-based and includes a +1 racial bonus.

Acid (Ex): On Physical contact with a Jelly Monarch, 1d6 of damage is dealt and may remove the armor of it's victim, if the victim does not escape the Monarch in three turns, it's armor will disintegrate and be removed. acid does not harm metal or stone. The Jelly Monarch may choose to turn this effect on and of.

Automatic languages: Common, Jelly Bonus Languages: Languages of their creator

Favored Class: Any

Vital Statistics[edit]

Jelly monarchs do not age, though they may choose to form aging signs onto themselves after ruling for many years in order to show their wisdom.

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