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<-Jaroidian soldier->[edit]

Skill Proficiencies: athletics, and two of your choice between: intimidation, animal handling, medicine, perception, and stealth.

Tool Proficiencies: one gaming set, and land vehicles

Languages: one of your choice

Equipment: two simple melee weapons, one martial melee weapon, one gaming set, a belt pouch with 15 gp, a symbol or your rank, and jaroidian soldiers armor

<-military specialization->[edit]

d10 military Specialization
1 low ranking officer
2 high ranking officer
3 scout
4 infantry
5 light cavalry
6 heavy cavalry
7 quartermaster
8 medic
9 flag bearer
10 support staff

Feature: <-military rank->[edit]

In this D&d 5e soldier background we have a military rank and it has been since we’re a soldier. These soldiers loyal to your former military organization still recognize your influence and authority and also they will defer to you if they are of a lower rank. To exert influence over other soldiers and horses for temporary use or requisition simple equipment you can invoke your rank. To the fortresses where your rank is recognized and to friendly military encampments you can usually gain access for them also.

Alternate Feature: <-overly combat ready->[edit]

you rarely sleep deeply, always alert. you have difficulty trusting people, because in war you cant. you always have your weapon at the ready, willing to use it on any person, monster, or random object that usually doesn't threaten you.

Suggested Characteristics[edit]

d8 Personality Trait
1 I am always polite and respectful.
2 I am haunted by memories of war. i can't get the images of violence out of my mind.
3 i am never afraid, even when i should be.
4 I enjoy being strong and i like breaking things.
5 my solution to a problem is to attack it
6 i base people off of how strong they are.
7 i have a fondness for a specific type of weapon.
8 i like to play games a lot.
d6 Ideal
1 strength. i need to be the strongest i can be so i can achieve victory (any)
2 protection. we are here to protect the people (good)
3 responsibility. i do what command tells me (lawful)
4 independence. i wont obey a tyrant (chaotic)
5 conquest. i must utterly defeat the enemy, showing no mercy (evil)
6 peace. wars are not worth the death they cause, i want peace (good)
d6 Bond
1 i fight to protect those who can not protect themselves
2 i am in love with a superior, and they will not look at me
3 i will have vengeance on the enemy after they defeated us so badly
4 no one left behind
5 my honor is my life
6 i would die to save my friends
d6 Flaw
1 i only respect strength
2 i am secretly afraid of one type of enemy, but show courage against all others
3 i accidentally got lots of people killed with one order, i hate myself for it
4 i sometimes kill without reason
5 i obey any law, even cruel ones
6 i hesitated and cost people thier lives, i now do not hesitate to kill or commit atrocities, even on an occasion that i do not have to kill

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