Jaroidian Diamond Knife (5e Equipment)

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Jaroidian diamond knife

simple Melee Weapons
Weapon Cost Damage Weight Properties
Jaroidian diamond knife 500 gp 2d4 slashing or 2d4 piercing 45 lb. finesse, special, versatile 3d4 piercing or 3d4 slashing

a knife used by soldiers of jaroidia against soldiers of kaeozzburg, kaeozzian rubies are the same, and knives of them function the same. requires 12 strength to wield in 2 hands, and 16 for 1 hand, and a large or larger creature can wield this in 1 hand with 12 str or higher, and 2 hands with any str score. it is not metal, and any class with proficiency with a dagger gets free proficiency with this weapon. this weapon is silver and magical, and either Jaroidian diamond or Kaeozzian ruby(whichever material it is actually made from), for the purpose of vulnerability and overcoming resistance and invulnerability.

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