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<-jaroidian diamond smith->[edit]

Skill Proficiencies: sleight of hand, perception, and one skill of your choice.

Tool Proficiencies: jewelers tools, and smiths tools.

Languages: one of your choice

Equipment: jewelers tools, smiths tools, 1 jaroidian diamond, 1 kaeozzian ruby, a magnifying glass, and a belt pouch with 25gp

Feature: <-perfectionist of jewels->[edit]

you always want everything to be perfect, you can't stand an impure jewel. you use your magnifying glass purely to make jewels perfect, even when it doesn't matter. this also aplplies to everything else, you hate imperfections.

Suggested Characteristics[edit]

d6 Personality Trait
1 i always remind people to be perfect
2 i love my jewels, and hate parting with each one
3 i am strong from the forge, and show off my strength
4 i try not to hurt people, so you often will not fight, because it never is fair
5 i love the idea of combat, i just want to use my own weapons, even though i am not in the army
6 i hate soldiers, because they are the reason i have to work so hard, producing so much gear
d6 Ideal
1 generosity. my talents are a gift to me, so i must give back to the world (good)
2 freedom. everyone should be able to work whatever job they please (chaotic)
3 greed. i am only in it for the riches (evil)
4 aspiration. i want to be the very best jewel smith (any)
5 civilization. people should be secure, kind, fair, bonded to others, and civilized (lawful)
6 fairness. everyone should have a fair shot at getting money, and living wealthy, and earning there share (good)
d6 Bond
1 jaroidia is my home, i build to protect it
2 my workshop is important, and nothing else
3 i created a perfect weapon for a noble, and they scorned me, i am waiting to give it to someone worthy
4 i want money so that a noble will notice me, i am in love with them
5 i will prove that i am the best jewel smith, eventually
6 i will go to war, wielding the weapons i made, eventually
d6 Flaw
1 i will do anything for something rare enough
2 i always want more stuff, there is always more stuff to acquire
3 i would kill for a noble rank
4 i am extremely belligerent
5 i am extremely jealous of better jewel smiths
6 i am the best already, and will fight anyone who says otherwise

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