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Physical Description[edit]

The Jakuan are an alien species that look like humans but they have green eye colors, many types of hair colors such as brown, black, red, violet, blue, green, blond, white, and pink, have a powerful bond to magic, have blue-colored blood in their veins both with and without oxygen. They have the accent of Welsh and have a pale skin color. They Preferred order, stability, honesty, light, and balance. They came from the planet Syrius a desert planet with a cool temperature and a red star.

Plural race name[edit]


The Jakuan

Spelling of Jakuan[edit]



The Jakuan are brave, kind, and bold alien creatures that have magic in their blood they seek lost ancient artifacts from the old gods and are much more humble about things. During their history span, none of any Jakuan tribes declared war on another Jakuan in fact there was no violence, no crimes, no conflicts, no debates, no renegade groups nothing just a truly united species with peace and harmony and not in their history a Jakuan have betrayed his species for another due to very great friendship. They also can't have mental disorders as their mental health is perfected.









They are very good friends with Kitsunes, Elves, Akahalans, Tyrgards, Cat-folk, Aleph Order races, and Dwarfs. They are suspicious of Humans due to how humans can easily follow the path of darkness and Despised Goblins because of the goblins being thieves, criminals, and savage beast.


The Jakuan have a classless system and like to read and write they don't use any currency of sorts. They have spent their time studying magic and swordplay. They originate from a desert planet known as Syrius. Their architecture is a mix of futuristic Syrian and Turkish. They wear brown futuristic medieval shirts, robes, and pants though no shirt has words or symbols on them. They have good taste in fantasy books and don't rely on corporations for their manufacturing since the Jakuans can salvage scrap metal and scrap electronics to make their own ships. They use magic to create resources like Materials (metal and wood with earth and nature magic respectively), Food (with water and nature magic), electricity (with lightning magic), etc.


The Jakuan were created by the Star Titan of magic Ethos on the planet of Syrius and all Jakuans were given elemental magic so they began to use elemental magic to create food, materials, water, and electricity. There were no crimes or wars Between the Jakuans themselves and no need for an economy which resulted in a paradise for Syrius. Eventually, the Jakuans build cities and discovered space travel for which they met aliens and befriend them. The Jakuans became great adventurers and heroes for parties who seek the strongest and intelligent individuals for their cause. They will defend the many planets from Aberrations, Fiends, Galactic Tyrants, and monsters.


Star Titan Ethos the god of Knowledge, the sky, spirits, and magic.


Jakuan names are a mixture of the following Arthurian, Siberian, English, and Medieval welsh (examples like Agvanar, Aldear, Alnyp, Avazan, Aisar, Alden, Calem, Athjor, Syoran, Marth, Shannara, Poeson, and Sareth for males Skarlet, Ankia, Aldaenia, Kylen, Dyria, Melia, Reyla, Kilitha and Alysara for females)

Jakuan Traits[edit]

Jakuans are the Galaxies' heroes.
Ability Score Increase. Your Strength score increases by 1, Your Dexterity score increases by 1, and your Intelligence score increases by 1.
Age. The lifespan of most Jakuans can outlast every race including elves, dwarfs, and gnomes range from 18 to 5750 years. Their lifespans being largely linked to their Titan forged creation.
Alignment. They are neutral good by nature.
Size. The Jakuans are the same size as humans which is a medium stature. The males are 5' 10" in height while the females are 5' 5" in height.
Speed. Your base walking speed is 30 feet.
Titan might. You gain melee and ranged weapon and medium armor proficiency.
Magic Blood. Due to the Magic Blood you gain +3 to evocation magic attacks.
Titan forged bodies. You gain immunity to difficult terrain.
Languages. You can speak, read, and write Jakuan, Elemental, and one other language of your choice.

Random Height and Weight[edit]

5′ 10″ +0 185 lb. × (0) lb.

*Height = base height + height modifier
**Weight = base weight + (height modifier × weight modifier)


This race was made because of my passion for science fantasy, space opera, and space fantasy genre with my favorite movie series being star wars with Episode 9 (my mother liked it and the audience clapped so it was the best movie in 2019 second only to avengers endgame) being my favorite and my favorite video games being F.E.A.R series and Dawn of war 2 retribution some of the names for the Jakuan are a reference to science fantasy and fantasy characters such as Reyla is a reference to Rey the character from the Star Wars squeal trilogy, Calem is a reference to Cal from Jedi Fallen Order and Athjor is a reference yo Arthur Pendragon. Note there seems a lot of Star Wars races on D&D 5e so I've decided to make an inspired one. I also like to watch Mandalorian in my time so it's also an inspiration. Anyways to avoid the endorse, sponsored, or copyright things whatever the admin says which is not intended since it's the sites' rules so I may change the name of some of the stuff of the race since maybe some stuff was way too similar. And just to point this out sponsored YouTube videos are stupid who needs sponsors anyway commercials are dumb and who needs stuff like iPhone games I don't need money at all anyways just wanted to point that out. Dedicated to Daisy Ridley actress of Rey (I really like Star wars (with my favorite characters being Rey, bb-8, and Vader), avengers and toy story) Teehee. Also, I'm using this race for a comic book series I'm making called Star legacy which is part of the Umbra multi-series a Science/space fantasy action adventure with some platformer influences inspired by Mario galaxy, Jak and Daxter, Jedi fallen order, legend of Zelda, final fantasy 7, Warcraft 3 heart of the storm mod and mass effect series.

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