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Jaenseth by elbardo

Alignment. NG
Domains. Light, War
Divine Rank. Greater Deity

  • Jaenseth is the main deity of the Pantheon of Orios. She is the goddess of Light. She used to be the goddess of Creation as well, but after she created the Multiverse she passed that responsibility on to Daerifro, who then created the inhabitants of the Material Plane. Although she is powerful enough to be considered a "Greater Deity," she resides on the Planes and visits many of them, thus allowing mortals to presumably make contact with her.
  • She resides in a floating crystal palace on the Chronias layer of Mt. Celestia, where she rules over all that is good with a watchful eye. She spends a lot of time on the plane of Elysium to enjoy herself, and walks the Material Plane to offer guidance and strength to individuals in need.
  • To mortals, Jaenseth appears as a young blond girl in a beautiful white dress, and she often seen running through meadows or other places of beauty and peace. Her eyes are deep blue, and one could easily get lost in them. When she needs to battle in the mortal world due to some unspeakable threat, she appears as an older version of the same girl (around 21 years old), and she wears golden armor and carries the Oculus. She appears innocent and wise. She is associated with innocence, and in courts and trials of law or honor, people will often "swear on Jaenseth" to prove their innocence and sincerity. It is said that Jaenseth knows whenever one swears one of these oaths, and if they are lying, she will punish them.
  • There are many myths involving her competitive relationship with Elesseth, and she is the daughter of Shin. She is known to give great help to mortals in times of need.
  • Her devoted followers can be easily distinguished by the clothes they wear. Commoners wear her holy symbol, clerics wear billowing white robes, and her many Paladins wear silver or golden plate armor and carry swords fashioned off of the Oculus (stats here.) Her clerics are kind and generous, with a strong sense of virtue and honor. They tend to choose the Light domain, and her Paladins tend to choose the Oath of Devotion. However, in times of need, many clerics and paladins rise up and choose the War domain and Oath of Vengeance, respectively. She is worshiped in temples ranging from massive to minuscule, spread all throughout the southeast in almost every town. She is often given offerings and tribute at midday, near rivers and in meadows. There is a monastery on the highest mountain in the Material Plane, where her worshipers believe that they are closest to the sun and Jaenseth herself.
  • Story or quest hooks
  • The Oculus (5e Equipment) Amulet of Jaenseth (5e Equipment) Jaenseth's Controlling Medallion (5e Equipment) (and more)

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