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Ja'anai, the Will of Life[edit]

Life is eternal, regardless of how it manifests it should be protected, for in its continuance is the greatest power known. Through life all things are possible.

Prerequisite: You must be an Agent of Kysja (Five Towers Supplement)

Ksyja, sister of Yikva, is beauty, complexity and frustrating in manners of which cannot be denied. Her most basic belief, at its core, is that life must continue; when all is in ruin and devastation, that somewhere, somehow, life will continue. When given the choice between a life already, even in multitudes, or a new, rare life, she will always protect the new. It is through this practice that some see her as harsh, even cruel; many even believe her vindictive and malicious in her duties, but what is the loss of one human among millions compared to the loss of one displacer beast among hundreds?

You, as an agent of Ksyja, are blessed by and are a servant to Life herself. Embraced in her will and summoned to carry her beliefs into the world. You are a protector, a savior at the best of times, and a hard pressed triage doctor at the worst; you are Ja'anai, or "The Will of Life".

Ja'anai Path Features[edit]

Living Grace (11th Level):
With a flourish and gentle acknowledgement of the grace that your mistress is, you are surrounded by a font of life in pure. All allies within 3 squares of you benefit from this aura, including you, and gain the benefit of regeneration 3 each round while they are in range of this aura. This effect stacks with any and all other sources of regeneration. Undead creatures, even if allied to you, do not benefit from Living Grace.
Unearthly Vigor (11th Level):
Sustained by pure life energy you are the antithesis to all that is death; a beacon in darkness, you radiate life and healing energy. Thus whenever you take Necrotic damage you take reduced damage equal to your Wisdom, Constitution or Charisma score modifier and you are immune to petrification.
Accelerate Life (11th Level):
With a small sacrifice on your end, you may honor Ksyja by using your own reserves of life energy for your allies to fuel their heroic deeds. As part of this feature, you may expend a healing surge following the use of an action point by you and immediately heal one ally in the presence of your Living Grace aura for one half that same amount. Following your healing of the target through Accelerate Life, for rounds equal to your Wisdom, Constitution or Charisma modifier score, that target receives twice the regeneration granted by your Living Grace aura. Undead creatures cannot be the target of Accelerate Life.
Predictability of Death (16th Level):
Ksyja, boisterous by nature in the exhilarating rush of combat, thrills at the feelings it invokes in living things. Wanting it to continue, she lays her favor upon you and flows through your presence. An ally within the range of your Living Grace spell immediately regains hit points equal to your highest ability modifier whenever they are brought to, or below, 0 hit points. In the event the target was subject to a critical hit and subsequently reduced to 0 or less hit points, or any attack that would kill them, you may, as an immediate interrupt, expend one of your healing surges and heal that target for an equal amount in addition to gaining the other benefits provided by Predictability of Death. The benefits provided by this feature does not apply to undead creatures.

Empower the Living Ja'anai Utility 11
With a radiance of powerful life energy so great it burns away darkness, your wounded mend and your combatants strike harder, renewed and repaired by Ksyja's blessing.
Encounter Star.gif Divine
Minor Action Personal
Effect: Each non-undead creature in your Living Grace aura who is bloodied regains hit points equal to your Wisdom, Constitution or Charisma modifier; those who are not bloodied instead gain a bonus to damage rolls equal to that same modifier. Additionally, any hostile creatures within burst 3 of you that have some form of concealment are revealed by a supernatural green light. These benefits last until the start of your next turn.

Lifesurge Ja'anai Attack 12
Curving your fingers one around before your chest, you draw pure life energy into existence and hurl it in a powerful arc at your target where it streaks to them in a verdant beam of light.
Daily Star.gif Divine
Standard Action Ranged 20
Target: One creature
Attack: Wisdom, Constitution or Charisma Vs. Will
Hit: 3d10
Miss: Half damage
Effect: The target is knocked prone by the attack, and all enemies in burst 5 of your target take damage equal to your Wisdom, Constitution or Charisma modifier. Each creature in that burst, except for the primary the target of this attack, is dazed until the start of your next turn. The damage dealt by this attack ignores temporary hit points and damage reduction.
Special: Creatures which benefit from regeneration do not gain the benefit of their regeneration until the start of your next turn after being struck by this attack.

Reincarnation Ja'anai Utility 20
With a plea, you ask Ksyja to return your ally to the world of the living, knowing well she will surely reply; she does, and they return as a force of life with ferocious vengeance, not as you remember them, but something new altogether.
Daily Star.gif Divine
Standard Action Ranged 5
Target: One dead ally
Effect: One ally who is dead, but willing, is immediately returned to life at their bloodied hit point value, and may fight again for the rest of the Encounter. However, their race is temporarily changed to one at random, causing them to lose any benefits associated with their current race and instead gain the qualities of their new race. At the end of the Encounter the creature returned to life by Reincarnation dies. A creature which is returned to life by this power, may, at the end of the Encounter, opt to remain as their new race rather than their previous one and subsequently do not immediately die again at the end of the Encounter. Instead, they permanently become their new race and lose all previous qualities, such as racial powers, but gain all the benefits of their new race. Any race specific feats, items, paragon paths, etc, lost by this process are refunded.
Special: A Reincarnated creature must be of the same type as the previous creature; it may not become a new type, and the new race must be playable.

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