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Jorth dauthadagr.png
Jǫrð Dauðadagr


Who We Are

The Forge That Creates Us
Rules for creating a character in Jǫrð Dauðadagr.

The Blood In Your Veins
The races found in Jǫrð Dauðadagr.

The Path We Choose
A list of classes available to players in Jǫrð Dauðadagr.

The Feats We Can Perform
Expanded list of feats, flaws, and traits available.

The Tools We Use
Civilization has produced vast amounts of tools, some of which make it easier to construct monuments, and others which make it easier to smite your fellow man.

The World We Live In

The Tales That We Tell
A history of Jǫrð Dauðadagr.

The Land We Come From
The lay out of the land.

The Evils That Man Accomplishes
The nations and their people.

The Fear That Spirits Can Inspire
Those revered and worshiped by mortals.

The Loneliness That An Abyss Creates
The multitude of cosmic instances and that which exists within them.

The Fate That Guides Our Destiny

The Tome Of Evil
The beasts that creepeth, the abominations that haunteth, and the evils that lurketh.

The People We Meet
People of great importance and those of notorious nature.

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