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These amazing weapons have a strange magical power to annoy any one they hit roll on the table (D10)

1d10 Result
1-2 roll aging on another 1 or 2 you cast grease in a random direction but not east or south
3-4 target mus roll a wisdom saving throw against your highest DC on a fail they must use there action to 1D4 1-sing 2- fall prone scratching themselves 3- explain the fundamentals of sweat to the nearest ally-4- all of the above for three rounds
5-6 target strongly believes he or she is a black dragon for 1d6 minutes including,they can fly and breathing acid
7-8 all none PCs in a 20 foot radius propose to the target
9 the target knowing fully his or her actions acts like a queen uncontrollably until they are healed of all hit points lost by this weapon
10 for 1d4 rounds the target can only say "Dave" In a mildly surprised voice (they must roll a dc 16 int check or think they are speaking or barking etc. normally

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