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More balance issues: A blacksmith's forge gets to about 1500 C; the melting point of iridium is 2466 C; it is very hard to work, it is brittle, should be reflected in penalty to Craft rolls; it is also very rare. An iridium weapon weights 3 times as much as a steel one. )
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Iridium is one of the hardest known metals in existence, but it is somewhat brittle. It can be made into an alloy with platinum to offset this, but metalsmiths must take great care when handling this rare and precious material. Traders of iridium weapons may take non-coin platinum in exchange for it, at a very good price. It has a white-yellow color.

Weapons made out of iridium or an iridium/platinum alloy are automatically considered masterwork quality, with their enhancement bonus increased by one (for a total of +2 to damage). A blacksmith must make two DC 20 Craft rolls to properly shape iridium, one representing the required application of skill to create a masterwork item, and another to create the appropriate conditions in their forge to work with this material. Only items which are predominantly metal can be made of iridium. Weapons made this way weigh one and one half times more than usual.

Iridium has 10 hit points per inch of thickness and hardness 12, and requires heat approximately 60% higher than steel in order to use correctly.

For the purpose of cost, an item made with iridium will be approximately double the price of a similar masterwork item, or can be calculated as: Cost: ammunition +15 gp per missile, armor and shields +2,500 gp, weapon +750 gp, other items +500 gp/lb., whichever is greater. A pound of raw iridium costs about 750 gp, given a relatively stable economy.

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