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Dnd 3.5 homebrew power[edit]

Infernal judgement is a power held by the Nalfeshnees of the abyss and their offspring. The power originates from the blood of an ancient god of justice. It grants the judges of the abyss the power to pass sentence on those who have broken the abyss's few laws and fled to the material plane.

The power manifests as a pillar of swirling green hellfire dealing half unholy damage and half fire damage. Those that are immune to one type of damage are still subject to the other half. As the pillar burns flesh from bone dealing 10d6 hellfire damage there is a 66% chance that a portal to the abyss opens beneath the subject and shriveled hands by the hundreds pull the subject to the abyss itself.

A nalfeshnee may grant a mortal this power if a sufficient task is performed.

The power is usable one a week unless it was granted by the demon at which point it's usable once a month.

DAMAGE:10d6 hellfire damage SPECIAL EFFECT: 66% chance to send the subject to the abyss USABLE: 1/week if natural. if bestowed 1/month

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