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Weapon (any axe), artifact (Requires Attunement)

When the empyrean Dracius was thrown into the Nine Hells the Archduke of Nessus, Asmodeus, saw his hunger for power and made his his second in command. Asmodeus was aware of the weapon that turned Dracius and wanted to create something of that level of power as well. With the help of the god destruction Gruumsh he created an axe in the River Styx. He gifted the axe to Dracius and with it he made his way up to Mount Celestia to confront Moradin. Dracius killed the shrine guards and destroyed the shrine. When Moradin sensed that his shrine in the mortal world was destroyed he came down to face Dracius. Out of pure rage Dracius charged at Moradin and swung his axe down at him. Moradin tried to block it but the weapons darkness cut through his power. Moradin still won by blasting the axe off of the mountain and finally killing Dracius

Magic Weapon. The Infernal Axe is a magic weapon that grants a +3 bonus to attack and damage rolls made with it. The axe also functions as a Staff of Withering, Talisman of Ultimate Evil, and Sword of Life Stealing.

Power of Gruumsh. If you are a rouge or if you have the evil alignment you gain the following benefits:

- You can speak and understand Infernal and Abyssal

- Once every fortnight you can use an action to cast the spell power word kill

- You have immunity to necrotic damage

Summon Devil. Every 30 days the axe allows you to summon a horned devil to your aid. If the devil falls below 50 hit points he retreats back to the Nine Hells. If the horned devil is killed than this effect disappears. Also the horned devil will vouch for you when you talk to any fiend.

God Killer. This weapon has been infused with the water of the River Styx and when you attack a celestial with it you get a +5 bonus on your attack roll and if it hits, the celestial takes an extra 2d6 necrotic damage.

Curse. If someone with the good alignment touches the weapon then they take 3d6 necrotic damage and if you are a true paladin or cleric then you take 6d6 necrotic damage. If they still use the weapon they continually take their respective damage every they use it.
Random Properties. The Infernal Axe has the following random properties:

  • 1 minor beneficial property

  • 1 major detrimental property

Destroying the Infernal Axe. The only way to destroy the axe is to have Gruumsh or Asmodeus destroy it.

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