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Impure Terrigen Crystals can be used to activate Inhuman abilities. However, unlike standard Terrigen Crystals, when one is shattered, not only does it release Terrigen Mist in a 30 ft. radius, activating Terrigenisis in any Inhumans in that area, but it has the detrimental effects of Diviner Metal (see below). They can be shattered by throwing them at any solid surface. When in water, they will dissolve, and any Inhumans who touch that body of water will also undergo Terrigenisis. The crystal structure can even enter any living creatures in that body of water, activating Inhumans who consume said creature or any of its byproducts.

Impure Terrigen Crystals

Diviner Metal[edit]

By itself, the Diviner is plenty formidable. Because it is made of Diviner Metal, when it is touched by any Large or smaller living creature which is not an Inhuman, then it begins turning them to stone. Those who touch it have roughly four rounds to live, during which time an ally may slice off the corrupted limbs (see table below). If an Inhuman, non-living creature (excluding the undead), or Large+ creature touches it, it displays the Words of Creation on its surface.

# Rounds Corrupted
1 Arm
2 Arm & Leg
3 Arm & Both Legs
4 Dead

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