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Improved Battle Armor: Only used by War Forged, and Constructs.

This armor is alot lighter and more flexible then the Blue Battle Armor. Also it not as much blue as it is white. It also has a pair of odd looking wings on the back, though for what purpose, you can't tell.

Benifit: The armor is actual a +3 Mithral Breastplate and has a few special properties. On command, 1/day, the wear can Fly as the spell. Cosmetically the armor can change the look of itself. This will give the wearer, if of good alignment, a white armor with blue trim. Neutral wearers are shown as green and yellow, while Evil are show as Purple and Red. Chaotic is a mesh of colors pending on alignment and character's preference. The color system can be changed or thrown out.

Special: If you have Power Dash Boots the bonus on long and high jumps increase to 6 on both. You can now also dash vertically as well, even after a jump check, but at no more then your move speed. Also the two combine give you the ability to use Feather Fall, the spell, for 10 rounds at will. Also include the special from the Blue Battle Armor.

Normal: With out both you can not use the special abilities.

CL <!-Caster level for creation-->; ; Market Price: 22,500 gp

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