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Imperatrix Forcemage[edit]

Sorcerous Origin

Being of the Imperatrix race, you feel a deep connection with the arcane energies that manifest as force spells. Those who follow the path of the Sorcerer find they are more powerful than they had ever dreamed. Your body shimmers with energy giving your exoskeleton an almost metallic sheen.

Overflowing Font of Power

Each level you gain in Sorcerer grants you an additional sorcery point.

Surge of Power

At 1st level you may channel your inborn energy into a burst of energy that enhances your spells that deal force damage. As a bonus action you may active your Surge of Power to increase the number of darts, missiles, bolts, lances or javelins in a missile spell you cast by 1 additional for every 5 sorcerer levels for a total of 5 at 20th level. The Surge lasts for 1 minute. The sorcerer may only use Surge of Power once per short or long rest. At 6th level you gain an additional surge. You still only replenish one surge after a short rest but may replenish two after a long rest. Alternatively instead of adding an additional projectile you may increase the damage of the spells by 1 die of the spells damage type, per 5 levels of sorcerer to a maximum of 5 at 20th level. If multiple projectiles are generated by the spell only one of them of your choice gets the damage boost.

Energy Burst

At 6th level the Imperatrix Force Master increases the effectiveness of their magic by pouring part of their inborn energy into their spells that deal force damage. During a Surge of Power you may add your Charisma modifier to the damage of a spell or cantrip that deals force damage. If the spell creates multiple projectiles the charisma modifier is applied to one projectile of your choice.

Innate Spell

At 14th level the sorcerer chooses a 1st level spell they know that deals force damage. This spell has become part of their very being and is accessible outside of their normal spell slots. You may cast this spell as a bonus action, at its original spell level, a number of times per long rest equal to your charisma modifier without using a spell slot. If you use this spell with a spell slot you may treat it as if your Surge of Power is active. You cannot apply metamagic to this spell, regardless of how you cast it.

A Force to be Reckoned With

At 18th level your innate spell becomes especially powerful. When you cast it without a spell slot it ignores Shield spell and like effects.

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