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Scales.png This page is of questionable balance. Reason: It's reasonably possible to be in a party of non-spellcasters using potions for healing, making this incredibly powerful, worth more than a feat (let alone a trait). It also doesn't use defined keywords: does magic refer to just spells? Or spell-like abilities, supernatural abilities as well? Unclear what "cot of any healing done in towns" actually is. If I rent a inn room to rest for natural healing, does that count? Buying healing potions? How do the people charging you know you have this trait? What are "enchanted items", are they like magic items?

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Immunity to Magic

Complete immunity to all forms of magic
Benefit: Any magic with a harmful effect cast upon the player is completely ignored, as if the spell was dispelled. Splash damage, area of effect, etc, affect others, but not the player with this trait.
Drawback: Any magic with a helpful effect cast upon the player with this trait is also completely ignored. In addition, you cannot cast magic, and the cost of any healing done in towns is tripled.
Special: Potions that the player takes affect the player as normal - potions can be closer related to a biological effect as opposed to a magical one. Indirect effects of spells still affect the player with the trait. Enchanted items work as normal, except the character with this trait is not affected by any result.
Roleplaying Ideas: It may be possible that the player with this trait isn't aware of magic, or has festered a belief against magic so hard that it refuses to affect them.

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