Immortal Warrior of the Void (5e Background)

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Immortal Warrior of the Void[edit]

Note: this is a mash up of 3 other backgrounds.

You are surrounded by the void as you open your eyes you glimpse the endless void as a powerful orb engulfs you, your vision whites out before you know it you on the material plane, with few memory's of your last moments before you awoke here (where ever here is).

Skill Proficiencies: History and One of the following: Perception, Stealth, Arcana, Athletics, or Religion.

Tool Proficiencies: None

Languages: Primordial and your races native language

Equipment: Pick 1: (a) You gain an extra 200 gold to spend on Armour , (b) You gain an extra 200 gold to spend on a Weapon.

Feature: Endless War[edit]

You have long since lost yourself in battle, and now think of nothing else. You're always looking for the next battle, wether it be the 'enemy' or just a worthy foe. (Alignment: Chaotic-Neutral, Neutral-Evil or Chaotic-Evil).

Alternate Feature: Reborn[edit]

You know who you were before (like viewing someone else's life) but that's not who you are now, you are reborn and it's time to add a new chapter to your chronicle.

Suggested Characteristics[edit]

d6 Personality Trait
1 I am blunt, and speak my mind with no regards to the feelings of others.
2 I am desensitized to life, and lack visible emotions.
3 You seek death, but only offer your life to one fully able to take it.
4 Life is precious, you only kill when needs be.
5 I am quick to understand things.
6 Nothing really phases me anymore.
d6 Ideal
1 Destiny. You know exactly why you are here and are always pushing towards that outcome regardless of any other variables. (Any)
2 Apathy. You really don't care why you're here. You will just have as much fun as possible and do whatever you want to. (Evil)
3 Blood Lust. Killing is a necessity (Evil)
4 Boredom. You don't really care about life, you only need to get through it. (True Neutral)
5 Selflessness. I am immortal for a reason. I will sacrifice my life time and time again for the greater good. (Good)
6 Discovery. You need to find out why you were brought to this world so you can feel a sense of purpose for once. (Good)
d6 Bond
1 A Higher Power granted me my immortality, and I must follow their will.
2 You have a bond with someone who died long ago and you still protect their descendants.
3 I just don't want to die. I want to see what happens next good or bad.
4 You are being forced by a higher power to fight for them.
5 feel free to make up something you think will fit here
6 and here.
d6 Flaw
1 Any chance you get to enter a drunken stupor, you take it. Roll a d100 anything over 40 results in a drunken fight with who ever's around.
2 Your outdated understanding of the modern world often gets you in trouble.
3 Your ego is huge. You think you are the best at everything you put your mind to.
4 Whenever you are about to remember something of your past/past life, it quickly disappears from your mind.
5 You are extremely obnoxious whenever you are nervous and/or anxious about something.
6 You tend to pick fights when you've got no back up.

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