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New Weapons[edit]


Light Firearms:

Firearm Name Type Critical Damage Range Rate of Fire (# per Clip) Weight Price
Jolve Double Eagle autoloader 20 (x2) 2d6 60 S 3 lb. 400 gp
Clockwise 17 autoloader 20 (x2) 2d6 60 S 2 lb. 450 gp
Clockwise 20 autoloader 19-20 (x2) 2d6 80 S 3 lb. 475 gp
HackHolder 92F autoloader 20 (x2) 2d6 80 S 3 lb. 550 gp
Voltgeur-TK autoloader 18-20 (x3) 2d4 60 S 1 lb. 675 gp
Flying Falcon autoloader 19-20 (x2) 2d8 80 S 4 lb. 750 gp
HackHolder 93R Machine Pistol 20 (x2) 2d6 60 S, A (5) 3 lb. 1025 gp
Tigress machine pistol 20 (x2) 2d4 80 S, A (6) 4 lb. 1400 gp
ATK-MIII machine pistol 20 (x2) 2d6 80 S, A (6) 4 lb. 1850 gp
GF Destroyer M10 machine pistol 20 (x2) 2d10 80 S, A (7) 6 lb. 2635 gp
November-6 revolver 19-20 (x2) 2d4 60 S 1 lb. 900 gp
Jolve Python-5 revolver 20 (x2) 2d6 80 S 3 lb. 465 gp
A&HM-6 revolver 19-20 (x2) 2d8 60 S 3 lb. 790 gp
Beholder-6 revolver 20 (x2) 2d6 60 S 2 lb. 795 gp
Desperado Single shot 18-20 (x3) 2d10 20 Single 1 lb. 1575 gp


Firearm Name Type Critical Damage Range Rate of Fire (# per Clip) Weight Price
April 964MG Auto-Loader 19-20 x2 2d6 130 S 7 lb. 1250 gp
October GI348 Auto-Loader 19-20 x2 3d4 110 S 8 lb. 1450 gp
Voltgeur-IK Auto-Loader 18-20 x3 2d4 120 S 6 lb. 1550 gp
HackHolder 135G Auto-Loader 20 x2 2d6 120 S 6 lb. 850 gp
Jolve Neverender Bolt-action 20 x3 2d8 200 Bolt 5 lb. 1350 gp
Jolve Foreverender Bolt-action 20 x4 2d4 160 Bolt 5 lb. 1450 gp
Aura Haverfield Bolt-action 20 x2 2d6 400 Bolt 6 lb. 1750 gp
ATK - MIIV Bolt-action 20 x2 2d6 150 Bolt 5 lb. 910 gp
January 79GW Machine Gun 19-20 x2 2d8 (12) 50 S, A 8 lb. 2400 gp
NiGhT BA 619 Machine Gun 20 x2 2d6 (14) 150 S, A 7 lb. 2950 gp
Forgotten NA 230 Machine Gun 19-20 x2 2d6 (10) 120 S, A 7 lb. 3025 gp
NiGhT GH 711 Machine Gun 20 x2 3d6 (16) 70 S, A 8 lb. 3150 gp
Aura Scattergun Single Shot 20 x2 2d10 30ft (Cone) Single 7 lb. 1260 gp
Forgotten SS 598 Single Shot 19-20 x2 2d12 40 Single 8 lb. 1540 gp

Heavy Weaponry[edit]


Weapon Name Type Critical Damage Range Rate of Fire (# per Clip) Weight Price
Brothir La38 Laser (L) 18-20 x3 5d6 400 Single 20 lb. 22.3k gp
NiGhT Formica Shell (L) BA 20 x2 3d6 250 (r-30) Single 15 lb. 6750 gp
Brothir La20 Laser (M) 20 x3 3d6 370 S 7 lb. 18.5k gp
Brothir La13 Laser (S) 20 x2 2d8 340 S 4 lb 12.7k gp
December 259 Machine Gun 20 x2 3d6 270 S, A 17 lb. 10.7k gp
Aura Vaster Shell (M) BA 20 x2 3d6 230 (d=30) Single 10 lb. 7890 gp
Forgotten RL 87 Shell (S) Re 20 x2 2d8 190 (d=30) S 5 lb. 4570 gp
Clockwise FT47 Flame (L) 20 x2 3d8 90 C See txt 10 lb. 8460 gp
Light Guns (requires the Personal Firearms Proficiency Feat)
Longarms (requires the Military Firearms Proficiency Feat)
Specialized Weapons (requires the Specialized Firearms Proficiency Feat)

Rate of Fire (RoF): : There are three possible rates of fire for handguns, longarms, and heavy weapons, they are: Single for single shot, S for semiautomatic, and A for automatic.

Single Shot rate of fire (Single): To attack with these weapons, you simply roll d20 add attack bonuses and compare the result against the targets Reflex save, if the result is equal to or greater than the target's Reflex score you roll damage for the weapon listed under the Damage column.

Semiautomatic rate of fire (S): The treatment is the same as for single shot weapons except for people with the Semiautomatic feat. If the user has the Semiautomatic feat, the user may fire up to 5 rounds of ammunition per round (their number of base attacks + 1) rolling an attack roll for each shot. They can fire until they have no more attacks left, or until the cartridge run out of ammunition.

Automatic rate of fire (A): The user instead targets 4 adjacent squares (to each other), the Reflex for each square is by default 17, if there is hard cover then the situation will modify the square Reflex score upwards, a brick wall or something similar gives a +5 cover bonus to the target square it is in front of for example. For every square the Automatic burst hits, each character must make a Reflex saving throw in order to avoid getting hit and taking damage: Each rolls a D20 adding modifiers and if the result is below the target's Reflex modifier, he avoids taking damage from the Automatic fire for that round. If you fire using the Automatic function for more than the amount of rounds in parenthesis, the weapon overheats and becomes useless for 1d2+1 rounds.

Laser type : The gun or cannon fires a highly lethal blast of what is the equivalent of sunlight at a close range (for the sun) weapon. The weapon is obviously potent and can kill most commoners in one shot. The cartridges are specially made and can be interchanged within all three of the Brothir weapons.

Shell type : The cartridge is an explosive shell, which detonates upon contact with a hard surface. The blast (and the damage) can be avoided if you can absorb the shock of the shell hitting the ground. In the Shell weapons range catergory, the d stands for diameter, as in the diameter of the blast. Treat as a splash damage weapon for attacking.

Flame type : The cartridge is a small, flammable gel capsule that is slowly worn away by the open flame at the weapon’s end. The standard time it takes to reload a capsule is 1 round. This provokes an attack of opportunity. These types of capsules can spurt any color of flame that the company of creation wishes. The capsules last for 10 rounds until they entirely burn away. If you throw a capsule, it makes a slick spot on the ground that is 10ft in diameter. If ignited, the gel does 4d6 damage to anything inside the circle, and launches the objects or people in question up 10ft into the air. The damage is only half, and this the explosion has no effect on the target if the target makes a DC 17 Reflex save.

Bolt type: The user can attack with the weapon as many times has he has attacks for the round. The Bolt type of weapon cannot use any Automatic Burst.

Ammunition: All Single shots can carry one shell or cartridge at a time, unless stated otherwise. All semi-autos can carry clips or cartridges depending on the type of the gun. (The -# outside of the guns’ name) Every fully automatic weapons use clips or cartridges that are usually one time use and hold up to 400 shots. To keep track of machine gun ammo, each round, the gun fires (and loses) its’ maximum amount of damage in shots. If the damage dice are 2d6, the guns fires (and loses) 12 shots every round. All ammo for Light guns and Longarms is considered interchangeable. Cost:

Type of Weapon Cost of Shot, Cartridge or Clip Ammo Per Cartridge or Clip Auto-Loader 25 gp 12 shots Machine Pistol/Gun 35 gp 400 shots Revolver/Bolt-Action 20 gp 6 even if it fires 5 Single Shot 5 gp One shot Shell 30 gp One shot Flame 50 gp 10 rounds worth Laser 350 gp One shot

Weapon Modifications:

Name Price Ability Incendiary Bullets +1 gp/bullet----+600 gp/gun The bullets explode on contact 1d6 Scope +1800 gp/gun----Longarms+ +1 per Range Increment (-1 total) Stabilizer +1700 gp/gun----Longarms+ +1 attack bonus Laser Rangefinder +2700 gp/gun----Longarms +1 attack bonus

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