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Level: Dragonslayer tier 1
Casting time: 1 standard action
Range: Long (200ft. + 10ft./level)
Duration: Until Dispelled
Saving Throw: Will
Spell Resistance: No

The Dragonslayer manipulates the light in the surrounding area to create a mirage and confuse others. The size of the mirage is equal to its range and the Dragonslayer must remain within the confines of the spell in order to remain active. The spell functions as illusory terrain but is able to mimic wildlife and living creatures. A Will save of 15+Intelligence will render the illusion meaningless to the one who succeeded.

At Tier 2 the Dragonslayer is able to move outside the mirage for up to the mirages' range. Also, anything that happens within the mirage is known immediately by the Dragonslayer. The Will save increases to 20+Intelligence.

At Tier 3 the Dragonslayer leave the mirage entirely and have it maintain itself for a time equal to their class level in minutes. The Will save now increases to 25+Intelligence. If those trapped in the mirage do not escape within 3 turns the Dragonslayer can choose to initiate a Warp spell and send them somewhere else.

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