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Illithid Lance[edit]

Built By: Illithids (Mind Flayers)

Used Primarily By: Illithids

Cost: 19,500 gp

Hit Points: 100

Damage Threshold: 15

Crew: 1/15

Max ability modifier: +4

Landing—Land: No

Landing—Water: Yes

Armor Class: 14

Standard Armament:

  • 1 medium ballista
  • 1 shearing ram
  • 1 piercing ram

Cargo(tons): 35

Keel Length: 145'

Beam Length: 20'

Power Type:

  • Series Helm (65%)
  • Lifejammer (20%)
  • Pool Helm (15%)


The Illithid Lance is the most recent addition to the Illithid line of ship designs perhaps heralding an attempt at resurgence. The smallest Illithid design thus far, the Lance retains the shell design of the Nautiloid and Dreadnought. Beneath and aft of the typical piercing ram is an adjustable Shearing Lance. Designed to cut away the rigging and masts of opposing ships, the Shearing Lance holds with the Illithid tactics of taking prisoners instead of destroying opponents outright.

Although normally outfitted with a Series Helm, occasionally a Lifejammer or a Pool helm is installed to limit the need of helmsmen. Slaves serve as weapons crew and as lookouts. As on all Illithid ships the Slaves also serve as rations on long voyages.

Ship Uses[edit]

Escort/Support Vessel: The most common use of the Lance is in the form of a close escort and support vessel for the Nautiloid and occasionally the Dreadnought. As an escort the Lance has no need of a Ballista crew. It uses its often superior maneuverability to shear away the rigging of enemy vessels while the Nautiloid pounds away with its weapons. As a support vessel it retains its usual crew compliment and is used to facilitate crew transfers between the larger vessels.

Courier: In Illithid-held space the Lance sees use as a courier vessel. It's small size and minimal crew requirements make it perfect for the job. Often a Courier Lance has only a Captain/Helmsman and two slaves to man the ballista.

Deck Plans[edit]

LanceDeck.gif |Source}}

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